Monday, January 2, 2017

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To Eating On The Disney Fantasy (FIVE DAYS FROM NOW!)

   Our annual 7 night cruise on the beautiful Disney Fantasy is a few short days away. Now that the holidays are over, and my house is back to normal, I'm finally getting super excited for my favorite trip of the year.  I know its important to a lot of cruisers, but I focus a little TOO MUCH on eating...

   In fact, I start shoving things in as soon as we, not in the form of food. But in my refillable beer mug! Before we even hit the buffet, this must be filled. Look at me, actually smiling.  Besides the beer, here are five things I'm really looking forward to eating on board. 

   Locate the green stuff on the left hand side of the photo above.  That is the pesto orzo served on day one or two at Cabanas.  A real standout on the day that its served, I intend on getting a whole plate of it. :) 

   The span between dinner and after the late performance of the evenings show is quite long. We always indulge in plate of yummies from our beloved Vista Cafe. 

   I'm not traditionally a sweets fan, but the rich chocolate soufflé at Palo is to die for.  Make sure you get both sauces, its totally worth it.  

   The potato cannelloni at Remy are the things dreams are made of.  Not only is it fantastically delicious, but JUST LOOK AT ITS BEAUTY.  Almost too pretty to eat...almost.

   Finally, these little morsels of love (presented at the end of your meal at Remy) are decadent beyond your wildest imagination.  Sad thing is, I don't even know what theyre called.  But who cares?  When paired with Remy's EXQUISITE coffee, serious heaven. 

   Well, I'm officially hyped up for our trip now!!! Hopefully I can will myself into the ships gym a few times, and find the motivation to run the Castaway Cay 5K again...

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  1. Those desserts from Remy are called caneles.

    Enjoy your cruise! I look forward to the report!

  2. Why is Draft Beer SOOOOOOO much better?

  3. Balthazar makes delicious canele should you ever need them in your civilian life.

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