Monday, January 30, 2017

Vegetarian Review Of Tiffins

   We have been waiting for a signature restaurant to open at Disney's Animal Kingdom since basically forever.  There is only so many times you can eat at the Tusker House buffet, or sit at the Yak and Yeti bar. When Tiffins was announced last year we were elated.  This. Park. Needed. It.  (imagine each period as the clap emoji.)  Unfortunately, we didn't love our meal here.

   At the moment Tiffins is set off in a dead end of the park. However, after the opening of Pandora this summer this will be a wildly popular thoroughfare. A shame, because it is very peaceful back here right now. 

   As we checked into our dinner reservation we saw a rare opportunity to say hi to Tarzan who was meeting just a few yards from the restaurant.  I thought this picture was too good not to share.  Does anyone know the height and weight requirements to play Tarzan at WDW? 

   We are not going into the interior of the restaurant.  There are plenty of blogs who went DEEP into that rabbit hole.  Just know that the theming is intricate and wonderful, and thought was put into just about everything.  The only problem for us is that the rooms are too big, and since this restaurant is just getting off the ground it isn't very busy.  AKA: It felt like we were eating in an auditorium. 
   Of everything on the menu I was most excited to try the Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale. This beer is brewed specifically for Walt Disney World, unlike the omni-present Safari Amber which is only in name special. This ale is brewed with sorghum and spices including cinnamon and cardamom.  Although I was looking forward to this beer (because its beer) I knew I wouldn't love it.  It tend to like beers with little or no adjunct grains, which take away from the actual beer quality to me. But the sorghum wasn't a big problem...I just don't really care for spiced beers.  If you like sweeter beer you will probably enjoy this. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Outside of Serka Zong Bazaar At Disney's Animal Kingdom

   It's been almost three years since we last visited Serka Zong Bazaar on this blog...which is crazy, since it remains one of the most beautifully themed stores at walt disney world period.  Last time we focussed on the theming inside, but today lets look at the facade of this Annandapurian mainstay.

   One of the reasons I always pull out my phone to snap pictures here is the sign.  Five seconds off of Expedition Everest and I HAVE TO take a picture of the ram's head sign.  The design of this ram's head is absolute aesthetic perfection.  Hey, since I was already taking pictures, might as well hold up the rest of my traveling party...


   Where most of Annandapur has the classic paper graffiti signs all over,  the importance of which cannot be overstated, Serka Zong has metal signs. This is a classy joint.  I think I'll stop inside for some yeti items. 

   I'm also pretty obsessed with these directional signs.  Both functional and beautiful.  We have become more an more dependent on the Expedition Everest single rider line in recent years.  The exterior pain of Serka Zong Bazaar is an exercise in restraint and subtlety.  Who ever is responsible is my hero, and a true artist at their craft. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Nine Pictures From This Cruise That Make My Heart Smile

   We just got back yesterday from our annual January cruise on the Disney Fantasy.  This is a very specific trip for us, set up to unwind and relax after the busy holiday season.  This year we both REALLY NEEDED IT.  We spent the majority of our trip relaxing in the Rainforest, reading books, or just falling asleep wherever we happened to be. (I took three naps one day, which I'm very impressed by.)  Anyway, here are some pictures that will forever remind me of how much fun I had.

   Even though we run around the ship taking care of business (making spa and dinner reservations, getting meet and greet tickets etc...) for the first hour or so, the cruise doesn't start until I refill my Disney Cruise Line mug.  Notice there still aren't many people on board.  The selection of beer has greatly improved onboard in the last couple of years.  In fact, I found myself visiting Frozone Treats quite often because they had Powder Monkey from Heavy Seas on draft. Very good. 

   We rarely get to meet new Disney characters whether we're in the parks or on a cruise...but we got lucky with Geppetto on this voyage.  One random afternoon he was alternating with Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket. 

   Out of the four previous cruises we had sailed on Adam and I had never booked an excursion through Disney.  Seeing that there wasn't really anything new on the boat we decided it was time. In Jamaica we took a bamboo raft down the Martha Brae river.  It was unbelievably pretty and we highly recommend.  If that sounds boring to you, keep in mind that there are makeshift bars EVERYWHERE in Jamaica and your captain will gladly stop. 

   Part of the excursion was visiting an old church in Falmouth...honestly, it wasn't all that worth it but I liked this picture a lot. 

   This was our second cruise that included a Star Wars Day At Sea, and was far better than the previous year.  Everything seemed a lot more organized in general, plus we got to meet characters that we actually wanted to.  In addition to the two droids we also met Captain Phasma who is beyond fabulous. 

   This one just from Castaway Cay just makes me happy in general. No description necessary. 

   Same with this one...except now you can appreciate my new 2017 Castaway Cay 5K medal.  This is my second race ever and I shaved my time down to 26 minutes.  I'm still sore days later, so I don't really think running is for me. :/ 

   We have been SO LUCKY to be on three cruises with Fine Whines. The entertainment throughout the ship is phenomenal, but it was the Whines that had us most excited.  We were able to catch a few full sets throughout the week.  If you ever find yourself on a cruise with them on board try and make their show a priority. 

   We had some real challenges on this cruise as far as food is concerned...and only ate in main dining twice. However the food at Remy and Palo remain phenomenal.  My favorite meal of this (and every) cruise is the champagne brunch at Remy. Nothing says vacation like six glasses of champagne before noon. Pictured above is cauliflower panna cotta which was my favorite dish of the entire voyage.  A full review of this meal will be coming soon. 

   The real beauty of cruising is the total lack of social media.  Sure, I could have turned on my phone at certain ports.  However the disconnection from real life is what makes these trips so special.  I'm already counting down to our next trip. :) 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To Eating On The Disney Fantasy (FIVE DAYS FROM NOW!)

   Our annual 7 night cruise on the beautiful Disney Fantasy is a few short days away. Now that the holidays are over, and my house is back to normal, I'm finally getting super excited for my favorite trip of the year.  I know its important to a lot of cruisers, but I focus a little TOO MUCH on eating...

   In fact, I start shoving things in as soon as we, not in the form of food. But in my refillable beer mug! Before we even hit the buffet, this must be filled. Look at me, actually smiling.  Besides the beer, here are five things I'm really looking forward to eating on board. 

   Locate the green stuff on the left hand side of the photo above.  That is the pesto orzo served on day one or two at Cabanas.  A real standout on the day that its served, I intend on getting a whole plate of it. :) 

   The span between dinner and after the late performance of the evenings show is quite long. We always indulge in plate of yummies from our beloved Vista Cafe. 

   I'm not traditionally a sweets fan, but the rich chocolate soufflĂ© at Palo is to die for.  Make sure you get both sauces, its totally worth it.  

   The potato cannelloni at Remy are the things dreams are made of.  Not only is it fantastically delicious, but JUST LOOK AT ITS BEAUTY.  Almost too pretty to eat...almost.

   Finally, these little morsels of love (presented at the end of your meal at Remy) are decadent beyond your wildest imagination.  Sad thing is, I don't even know what theyre called.  But who cares?  When paired with Remy's EXQUISITE coffee, serious heaven. 

   Well, I'm officially hyped up for our trip now!!! Hopefully I can will myself into the ships gym a few times, and find the motivation to run the Castaway Cay 5K again...

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