Monday, December 5, 2016

Vegetarian Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table

   Another Disney trip, another swath of restaurants to knock off of our list...but this time we booked the white whale of reservations: Cinderella's Royal Table. 
   Most consider this reservation the hardest to get in all of Walt Disney World, so when Adam told me he finally got one for our trip in October I was initially elated. However, as the thought of eating here gestated in my head a bit I became a little worried. I mean, the food is notoriously bad, and I figured it must be even worse for vegetarians.  Well, lets see...

   The day of the reservation came, and I don't know why, but I was actually nervous about eating here...because, well, it's in Cinderella Castle.  We aren't fans of the castle aesthetically, but its still pretty magical. 

   The inside of the restaurant/foyer area is a lot prettier than I was expecting.  It's over the top in all the right ways! 

   Before heading upstairs to the dining room you are queued up to take a photo with the restaurant's namesake. We felt very rushed at this point, but the photopass photographer was happy to use our phone as well as their own camera. 

   As a solo couple we managed to snag THE ULTIMATE VIEW of Fantasyland. We didn't request this seat, we were just lucky. There is only one table with a view this good.  Seriously magical. 

   The pace of your meal is very fast.  Cinderella don't play no games...homegirl wants you fed ASAP.  Be expected to order within a few minutes of sitting down.  The menu is prefix, with only one veggie option for entree, and a modified first course. 

   See the picture above?  This is the cheese plate appetizer, which usually has meat on it.  Apparently when you say you don't eat meat they take pity on you by doubling down on the dairy.  I mean, WHO IN THE WORLD CAN EAT THIS MUCH???  As far as Disney cheese plates go, this was pretty vile.  The accompaniments were assorted olives, pickled onions, fig paste and giant bread slices.  Notice the cheddar cheese cubes. This is not a Jiko cheese plate. :/ 

   Thankfully things turned around with our entree.  Though on paper the spring vegetable cous cous doesn't sound all that great, it was pretty yummy.  Described as Pearl cous cous with portobello mushroom, seared tofu, red watercress, and charred tomato vinaigrette this was a very filling and yummy veggie option. One thing we can say about Cinderella's royal table?  The portions are enormous. 

   Finally for dessert we both had a new menu option that amounted to little more than glorified carrot cake.  It was very pretty to look at, and was very forgettable over all.  But as you all know, I don't care for sweets in general, so my opinion doesn't really matter.

   Did I forget to mention that this is a character meal?!?!  Throughout your dining experience you will be visited by various lovely princesses.  And THEY ARE SO GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE THEM ALL, EVEN AURORA.  Here are some pictures...

   I have had a month to reflect on our meal at Cinderella's Royal Table...and I feel exactly like I figured I would.  The food was adequate to bad, but the experience was unlike anything else in the world.  Though we felt rushed in our meal, meeting princesses in the castle is absolutely magical and no amount of bad food could change that.  Will we visit again?  Probably not. But I'm really glad we got to check this one off of our list. 

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