Monday, December 12, 2016

The Current State Of The Norway Pavilion Restroom Signs...

   I have never been one to complain about every change at Disney World.  No, seriously.  I might be a little upset in the moment, but always preface that by having an open mind.  If the change is good, or at the very least linear, I will accept it.  I have never really let personal nostalgia sway my opinions on change.
   When construction started on the restrooms in the Norway pavilion at Epcot I was worried about the signage.  These were my absolute favorite in Walt Disney World, and they had been in a sad state over the last few years.  Here are those classic signs...

   See?!? They're super adorable and fit the space and theming perfectly.  So as the restrooms reopened with new signage I was a little distraught.  In my grief I commemorated them on my arms...

   Luckily for us the new signs are also super adorable. Are they as perfect in their simplicity as the old signs? Of course not. However, I love how they mimic Cast Member costumes, and the over all quality of the signs is much better. 

   It's funny how often people are shocked to learn how much we love the updated Norway pavilion.  There certainly are flaws (the better part of the store is a disaster), and we will always miss Maelstrom.  However, taken as a whole the pavilion is better (and bigger...) and we cant be mad about that.  This is one detail that improves the pavilion for most people, but is just a linear move for me.

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  1. Why couldn't they have just screwed the new frames onto the old signs?

  2. These are some really interesting signs. I honestly think that the previous ones were the better ones, but not everyone might agree. Great work anyways!