Monday, December 19, 2016

A Magical Evening In Dinoland USA

   If there is one thing I know for certain in this world its that Disney's Animal Kingdom is absolutely magical in the evening.  As the sun starts to set on my favorite park and all the ambient lighting starts to kick in, my giddiness becomes palpable. (Also, the DAK cocktails have kicked in) Early evening is also the best time to take photos...and you know I love to take photos.
   After a severely mediocre meal at Tiffins (review coming soon) Adam and I sauntered over to Dinoland USA while the sun was going down.  Usually Adam will fight my urge to have an impromptu photoshoot, but this night he was game.

   Fun right?!?! I love running around hugging all of my favorite dinosaurs! Plus, this area tends to empty out before the rest of the park, giving you ample space for your photoshoot.  The key is to start before the sun is completely down.  Where is your favorite place to take pictures at Disney World?

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