Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Splash Mountain Restroom Signage

   Every once in a while, walking through a Disney theme park in the middle of a proper rope drop, I yell "WAIT!!!! I need to take some pictures!"  Adam (or whoever I'm with...) will inevitably be frustrated. However, if the subject matter is UNDENIABLY adorable, I am always forgiven.
   This is the case for the restroom signs near Splash Mountain. It seems unlikely that I would have gone very long without noticing these adorable signs. This lead me to believe that they're pretty new, but I haven't been able to confirm this.  If I'm not mistaken the old signs were silhouettes.  Can anyone please confirm that these are new signs?  Thanks...

   Aren't these so great!?  The standard restroom sign figures act as paper dolls.  Why this fits so well in the area around Splash Mountain, I don't know. It just does.

   It's not just the figures that are themed though.  The placards that they're on are beat up and textured, and the bolts are "rusty."

   I saved the companion restroom for last because, well...look at it.  That is the single cutest sign in the Magic Kingdom. Hands. Down.  I'm so glad that these signs exist. They're just another layer in the growing field of awesome restroom signs at Disney World. 

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  1. Those signs are so cute! I want one lol

  2. I think the bolts are supposed to look like old timey black-smith made nails.

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