Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some Fun Details in the Vehicle Maintenance Room In Restaurantosaurus

   Restaurantosaurus is the Pecos Bill's of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  It's enormous and meant to get people fed quickly.  And much like Pecos, we feel it necessary to visit this quick service restaurant every single visit to Walt Disney World.  It's very weird and feeds into the crazy habits that we form, but whatever, we still go.  Something about the charming space and even more charming background music loop (and amazing toppings bar...) keeps us coming back.
   If you're familiar with the space, you know that Restaurantosaurus is divided into several distinctly themed rooms, the back story of which is rich and convoluted. Each room has an abundance of dinosaur theming.

    On this particular visit we sat in the "Vehicle Maintenance" room, which is actually the most boring of the rooms, but has its fair share of whimsy. You just have to look close enough.

   At first glance the theming is sparse.  Oil cans and tools here and there, and plenty of oil smudges on the walls...this is the vehicle maintenance room after all.  The oil smudges make up some rad dinosaurs.  

   While inspecting the oil smudge dinos I started noticing that the walls are absolutely covered in pencil drawings too...some of which are completely wonderful. 

   Many of the drawings reference their placement in the restaurant.  These guys are outlines of tools, which are stored nearby.  I love this.

   Most people instinctually head to the other side of the restaurant, where the cool Airstream trailer is.  But I'm glad that we sat on this side for once, and took the time to investigate the fun theming.  What is your favorite room at Restaurantosaurus? 

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  1. We also have to go to Restaurantasaurus - we somehow always winnd up in the one divided by chicken mesh fossil storage bins, which I think backs onto the beginning of the Dinosaur Institute.

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