Monday, November 28, 2016

Maharajah Water Fountains Of Love...

   When I started writing Disney Hipster Blog in 2011 (???) I wanted the focus to be on documenting the little details of Walt Disney World.  Not hidden details really, but maybe stuff that isn't as appreciated as it should be.  I stuck with that model for a while, which is why the fact that I never featured this water fountain.

   Located after the first tiger viewing area on the Maharajah Jungle Trek, these are my favorite water fountains in the world.  The above picture fits EVERYTHING that I love about Disney's Animal Kingdom in one photo.
   Crumbling rock work? Check. Exposed brick? Check. Prayer flags? Check. An abundance of whimsy that lets your mind write the story? Double check.

   Vessels are stored here for the residents of Anandapur to safely transport their water home from the fountain. 

   And of course a warning sign. The ironic part is that this is some of the best free water you can get in the parks. Yes, there is a BIG difference from one fountain to the next.  
    The Maharajah Jungle Trek is arguably the most extensively themed attractions in the park. And while most guest walk right past these water fountains without taking a second look, that is kind of the point.  Should they have not been themed they would have thrown off the whole feel of that area. No stone unturned, no detail too small. 

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