Monday, November 28, 2016

Maharajah Water Fountains Of Love...

   When I started writing Disney Hipster Blog in 2011 (???) I wanted the focus to be on documenting the little details of Walt Disney World.  Not hidden details really, but maybe stuff that isn't as appreciated as it should be.  I stuck with that model for a while, which is why the fact that I never featured this water fountain.

   Located after the first tiger viewing area on the Maharajah Jungle Trek, these are my favorite water fountains in the world.  The above picture fits EVERYTHING that I love about Disney's Animal Kingdom in one photo.
   Crumbling rock work? Check. Exposed brick? Check. Prayer flags? Check. An abundance of whimsy that lets your mind write the story? Double check.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some Fun Details in the Vehicle Maintenance Room In Restaurantosaurus

   Restaurantosaurus is the Pecos Bill's of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  It's enormous and meant to get people fed quickly.  And much like Pecos, we feel it necessary to visit this quick service restaurant every single visit to Walt Disney World.  It's very weird and feeds into the crazy habits that we form, but whatever, we still go.  Something about the charming space and even more charming background music loop (and amazing toppings bar...) keeps us coming back.
   If you're familiar with the space, you know that Restaurantosaurus is divided into several distinctly themed rooms, the back story of which is rich and convoluted. Each room has an abundance of dinosaur theming.

    On this particular visit we sat in the "Vehicle Maintenance" room, which is actually the most boring of the rooms, but has its fair share of whimsy. You just have to look close enough.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Splash Mountain Restroom Signage

   Every once in a while, walking through a Disney theme park in the middle of a proper rope drop, I yell "WAIT!!!! I need to take some pictures!"  Adam (or whoever I'm with...) will inevitably be frustrated. However, if the subject matter is UNDENIABLY adorable, I am always forgiven.
   This is the case for the restroom signs near Splash Mountain. It seems unlikely that I would have gone very long without noticing these adorable signs. This lead me to believe that they're pretty new, but I haven't been able to confirm this.  If I'm not mistaken the old signs were silhouettes.  Can anyone please confirm that these are new signs?  Thanks...

   Aren't these so great!?  The standard restroom sign figures act as paper dolls.  Why this fits so well in the area around Splash Mountain, I don't know. It just does.

   It's not just the figures that are themed though.  The placards that they're on are beat up and textured, and the bolts are "rusty."

   I saved the companion restroom for last because, well...look at it.  That is the single cutest sign in the Magic Kingdom. Hands. Down.  I'm so glad that these signs exist. They're just another layer in the growing field of awesome restroom signs at Disney World. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mickey Mouse Christmas Countdown Projector Giveaway!

   It isn't all that often that we have a giveaway here on Disney Hipster you best get excited about this one...and why not?  IT'S THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Feel free to have ALL THE FEELS.

   Our friends at Gemmy have teamed up with us to giveaway one of their new outdoor Christmas decorations inspired by your favorite capitalist symbol cartoon mouse, Mickey!

   The projection is super easy to set up. It comes with a stake to anchor into your yard,  and is programable up to 99 days before Christmas, not that we're counting. (who are we kidding? Of course we are!) Watch Christmas get closer and closer every day, even down to the very second that Santa arrives. Visit for more details about this and other Disney related decor, including a very cool "pixie dust" light, and an LED vintage Mickey Mouse that I NEED IN MY LIFE.

   Enter to win the countdown projector by e-mailing us at, with the subject heading "I CANT WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!"  Entries must be received by Monday, November 21st, and the winner will be notified later that day via E-mail.  Good luck hipsters!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Random WDW Food Roundup...

   This has become a post trip tradition on this blog, where we go through all the random food items that we tried throughout our trip.  These are not full meals at restaurants, those we review more in depth and separately. These are one off snacks or drinks or whatever, usually from quick service restaurants or kiosks.  Lets see what random stuff we had on this trip!

   We were VERY upset earlier this year when Sunshine Seasons got rid of our beloved blueberry croissant bread pudding. When we saw that they recently added a french toast bread pudding to the breakfast menu we were cautiously optimistic.
   While this is a decent option it isn't anywhere near the caliber of its predecessor.  It is really tasty and full of cinnamon, but entirely too too dense.  I was full after a couple bites.

   You guys. You guys. You guys. Above is a picture of the Asian cashew noodle salad which is a "grab and go" side dish item found at Captain Cooks at the Polynesian Village Resort. It was the single best thing I ate on this trip...and I think I ate ten of them.  At $2.59 you can make the most inexpensive meal anywhere. YUUUUUM. 

   Also at the Polynesian are the fried wontons with spicy duck sauce.  These are available at the Oasis pool bar, which is lovely, along with some other small dishes.  These are spiced with something similar to Old Bay seasoning, and absolutely delicious.  The sauce is ok too, but like most things at Disney are not in fact spicy at all.  Perfect snack to enjoy with your beer.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ten Photos From This Trip That Make Me Smile

   We're back from our annual Autumn trip to Walt Disney World.  This trip was unusual in many ways.  First of all we traveled with a friend who had never been to WDW before, which adds a whole other level of "hustle" to the first four days.  We also divided our stay between Coronado Springs, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and The Polynesian. (and now I'm obsessed with staying at the Poly and want to buy a million more DVC points...)  We tried two new (to us) restaurants Tiffins and Cinderella's Royal Table.  The biggest shake up came in the fact that we ended our trip with an OVER THE TOP RIDICULOUS three day cruise on the Disney Dream with my sister and another good friend of ours.
   So here are ten random photos from this trip that make me very happy when I gaze upon them...

   The most magical moment of each trip is usually the first morning.  In this case we did a proper rope drop, which included us being the first guests on Peter Pan.  However, the highlight was a surprise visit with Ariel.  Amber was beyond excited. 

   Animal Kingdom at night is an absolute pleasure.  The entire feel of the park is different, and the entertainment is amazing.  Though it has mixed reviews, we had a blast on the night time Kilimanjaro Safari.  Can you tell we were excited? 

   I look mad in this picture, but honestly it was just awkward.  I like the new Norway bathroom signs a lot actually. 

   We have spent a lot of time at the Polynesian in the past, but this was our first time staying here. I'm so madly in love with it, and this picture makes my heart smile. 

   Unexpected meet and greet with Tarzan prior to eating at Tiffins. Notice how hard I am trying not to touch him. :/ 

   It's not the same at the Disneyland version, BUT we had a much better experience at Trader Sams Grog Grotto on this trip compared to previous. Plus, I just like this photo. 

   Cinderella's Royal Table went just as expected in every way expect one.  LOOK HOW PRETTY PRINCESS AURORA IS!?!?!  She was an total gem.  (but she did speak in a british accent, which is pretty odd.) 

   You guys have no idea how ridiculous this cruise was.  This picture was taken just moments after getting on board, notice we already have beer. 

   I'm not sure why we look so grumpy here...but we were pretty obsessed with the Icy Pops. 

   Out of all the photos this one makes me the most happy.  I got to spend my birthday on Castaway Cay, my favorite place in the world.  Yes, I ran the 5K on my birthday and it was awesome.  Me and Briana absolutely killed it. 

   This blog has actually helped me trudge through my post Disney depression.  Looking back through my photos always makes me smile, and hopefully the blogs to come will do the same.  Either way, the countdown starts for our next trip! :) 

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