Monday, September 19, 2016

We're Skipping Not So Scary This Year...But Not At Home

   Many of you have been asking about our costumes for this years Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...but guess what? We're not going this year.  We have decided to skip what has become one of our absolutely favorite things in the world. In fact we decided shortly after last years event that we would make it an "every other year" kind of thing.  This wasn't because we didn't LOVE the party, but because we wanted it to stay special.  Not enough changes from year to year to keep it feeling fresh and exciting.  So in lieu of getting bored, we decided to opt out. (Plus, we wouldn't tell you our costumes ahead of the party ANYWAY CAUSE ITS ALWAYS A SECRET.)
   Luckily thanks to the internet we're still able to enjoy the music that accompanies the various shows and such. I especially love listening to these after a long work day. An INSTANT pick me up...

   Boo To You is the highlight of MNSSHP.  Many Disney fans place this parade at the very top of the list as far as nighttime parades go.  There is plenty of spooky floats/characters, but for the most part its pretty silly.  PLUS Clara Cluck is my favorite in the world. I look forward to her clucking all year long. 

   The long running Villains Mix And Mingle was replaced last year by the AMAZING Hocus Pocus themed show (which actually contains many of the same elements)...and we don't prefer one show over the other. It's just a terribly fun, and gives Dr. Facillier some much needed stage time. What an under rated villain. 

   The night peaks with a showing of Hallowishes. This show is much more impressive than Wishes...but lacks the emotional investment that makes Wishes to endearing. 

   I'm so glad that youtube exists for situations like this.  I know that it's our decision to not visit the party this year, but I can't imagine going through the Halloween season without these soundtracks! Do you listen to a lot of Disney parks music at home?  Do you think it takes away from the magic? 

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  1. We've not done it yet, but hopefully if its not too pricey this year we're going to check it out.

    Mickey From The UK

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