Monday, September 12, 2016

Animal Kingdom Artifact: Beaded Crown and Panels

   The grandiose over the top lobby at Jambo House is home of dozens of beautiful pieces of African artwork.  They don't rotate too often, but some slip by my attention none the less.  These whimsical crown and panels are among those.
   Made by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, these represent a significant trope in their artwork. The Yoruba are a large ethnic group known for their artwork. While most of the style they produce is more lifelike and intricate, whimsical beaded pieces like this are also very common.  The crown is a practical piece that would in fact be worn in court among the different groups.

   The panel actually reminds me of a style of handbag that is popular among aging hippies.  I'm absolutely in love with the birds on the crown, and what appear to be skulls in both pieces.  Dark and whimsical, these are new favorites in the pantheon of Anima Kingdom Artifacts. 

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