Monday, August 1, 2016

Vegetarian Dinner At Narcoossee's

   Narcoossee's is a signature dining restaurant at The Grand Floridian.  We had a chance to dine here for the first time back in May. Our experience unfortunately goes along with our general dislike of restaurants at this resort.  Lets take a look at our meal...

   I can usually find something endearing about the interior of Disney World restaurants, but Narcoossee's is just dreadful.  I doubt the decor has been updated since the resort was first built, and it shows. Honestly its hard to even recall specific details because it was that underwhelming.  In an era of exquisite theming and detail, this restaurant should be due for a fabulous update. 
   The one thing that Narcoossee's has going for it is location.  It is located in a stand alone building, a short walk from the main lobby of the hotel, and suspended over the Seven Seas Lagoon.  We booked our reservation to coincide with both the Electrical Water Pageant and Wishes!  Pleaser keep in mind that this reservation IS NOT EASY TO GET. If you want it, make sure that you're paying attention to your booking window.  

    Like most signature restaurants at Disney World Narcoossee's does print a separate vegetarian menu with multiple options.  I can't stress enough how wonderful this is. It makes us as feel welcome as vegetarians and not like we're being a burden to the chef.  So please keep this up. 

   Every meal starts with bread. This bread was edible. Literally nothing else I can say about that.  We ordered the Aunt Debby's Lovely Romaine Salad. I ordered it for a couple reasons, for the RIDICULOUS NAME OF THE DISH, and also because I love romaine lettuce.  Don't judge me for that, I love lettuce in general.  Anyway, this salad was super basic for the most part. Lettuce, shaved pecorino, croutons, and balsamic dressing. However the "half dried" tomatoes were actually super interesting and I enjoyed that flavor quite a bit.  

   Normally Adam and I would order a couple appetizers and one entree, but since the menu looked so delicious we ended up ordering two entrees.  The coriander and shichimi spiced seared tofu was a no brainer.  Everything about this dish seamed perfect in theory. (yes, we're THOSE vegetarians who love tofu.) Boy were we disappointed. 
   I would like to start off by saying how gorgeous the dish is.  Visually perfect. But the compliments stop there.  The tofu was ice cold.  I understand that this is based on a tuna dish, and seared tuna might be cold inside, but savory tofu should NEVER be cold.  Flavor wise the tofu was ridiculously bland, especially considering the interesting spice description. 
   Bland tofu could be forgiven, because you can always add salt. But the vegetables and broth they were served in were the single saltiest thing I've ever eaten...and I love salt.  There was no room at all for the subtlety of the flavors to grow. They were instantly stomped out by salt.  The vegetables were cooked well, but I literally couldn't eat them. 

   Thank god we had the foresight to order the trofie pasta as well.  This dish was very good. It was served with mushrooms, raisins, almonds, and string beans.  The whole thing is brought together with a creamy, fresh herb heavy thick sauce.  I could have eaten an entire bowl of the sauce alone.  The pasta was cooked perfectly. Really a fantastic dish that I would eat again in a second. 

   We usually don't get dessert at signature restaurants (except Jiko...) but we are big fans of chocolate and coconut flavors.  Combine this in a creme brulee and we thought we had a winner.  However this dessert was merely passable.  I've never had a creme brulee at Disney blow me out of the water, and their prevalence around WDW makes me think they must be very cheap and easy to prepare in bulk. Whatever, it was fine. 

   Our meal at Narcoossee's was very disappointing.  Had this not been a signature restaurant (note: expensive) we wouldn't have thought twice about it.  But the fact is that Narcoossee's is getting away with this based solely on their location over the lagoon.  The view is absolutely magical, and I cried from happiness as I watched Wishes! The problem is I also cried at the end of the meal for different reasons.  Blah. 

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  1. Man, that menu did sound very promising, especially that tofu dish! Will definitely pass on this restaurant (unless someone said they had a wonderful meal and you merely went on an off day) and stick with V&A's

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