Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Last Photos At Epcot: 2014-2013

   Continuing our last photo series we're headed back to Epcot. This is where we dig through our photo archives and find the VERY LAST pictures snapped at Epcot from each vacation. Working in reverse chronological order, last week we revisited the last two lets look at 2014 and 2013.

   You all know the feeling. You're leaving one of your favorite parks for the last time on a trip, and try to stretch it out by going on your favorite attraction ONE LAST TIME even though you should probably be headed to the airport?  Well, that is me every time we are leaving.  I had to take a picture of the Spaceship Earth end scene, because of my ridiculous hair. 

   I don't know why I'm ever surprised by the amount of Spaceship Earth selfies...but I am.  I remember this day in May of 2014 very well.  We had actually just been at the Universal Orlando Resort that morning, and were stuck in rain and traffic desperately trying to get to Epcot.  Totally worth the hassle.  Plus, Hipstamatic had just come out with this filter combination that very morning...

   This one isn't all that surprising, but very different from the rest because it's at night.  After our very first cruise in January of 2014 we had a couple days at Disney World.  We spent an evening at Epcot with my sister, where we tried to do all of our favorite things, and were surprised by our priorities. Obviously Illuminations was among them. 

   Is there really a description needed?  Sad to leave the parks + booze + ice cream = necessary France selfie. 

   Just a bad, random photo from the inside of the Mexico pavilion.  From May of 2013, I'm pretty sure I must have been planning a blog post or something. I have no idea or excuse for this. 

   Some pretty telling stuff here my friends.  I think the last photo from each album says a lot about the photographers mentality, and its definitely fun looking back! Next week we will wrap up our last Epcot photos...

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