Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last Epcot Photos: 2012-2008

   Here we are at the end of our Epcot photo journey.  We have looked at the last photos from every "Epcot album" from the last four years, and now we will finish by going farther back in time.  The photos just get worse...

   The was a time in our lives when the sweet almond pretzel from Kringla Bakeri was the most important thing in the world.  Adam especially loved this treat.  But just like every cult food at WDW this ones popularity has waned...

   This photo from January 2012 is a really weird way to end our time at Epcot.  Its a bad photo first of all...but why even bother taking it? 

   Our trip in October 2011 was a super weird one.  Just three quick days, and we spent most of our time separated as Adam was at WDW for a work conference.  I decided to spend our last day touring four parks in one morning, even taking the time to visit sweet Marie in the France pavilion.  Great way to end a trip, thats for sure. 

   From September 2011...just weeks after starting this blog...we decided it was a good idea to order two school breads after spending the whole day eating.  Yikes! Not a great idea obviously. 

   This last pictures isn't from an "Epcot album" of photos, but is the last picture we took at Epcot at some point in 2008.  This photo was taken on an actual digital camera at Rose and Crown.  My hair is making me sad now. 

   I'm having so much fun exploring the inner depths of our photos so I'll probably jump into the Animal Kingdom albums pretty soon.  I hope you guys enjoyed exploring Epcot with me. Have a wonderful day. 

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