Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Five Vague Things About World Showcase That Make Me Happy

   With our trip simultaneously SO CLOSE and yet SO FAR away, I've got Disney World on my mind. I'm especially thinking of all the new situations I'll be in on this trip.  Not only is there tons of new stuff to do since our last trip in May, but we will also be accompanied by one of our best friends. Amber grew up visiting Disneyland and she has always wanted to visit WDW. For her 30th birthday she is finally coming down with us. I'm excited to see her light up at The Magic Kingdom, and be blown away by the detail of Animal Kingdom...but I'm most excited to take her to Epcot.  
   I know that the front of Epcot is basically a thematic wasteland. While I can still defend the likes of Spaceship Earth, Living With The Land, and Ellen's Energy Adventure I'll admit that the rest of Futureworld basically sucks.  However, the vast majority of World Showcase remains generally awesome.  Sometimes as regular visitors we forget just how great this area is, but just pretend for a moment that you have never seen this wonderland of booze, food, and delight.
   Here are five things about World Showcase that make me happy:

   I love the architectural detail and ridiculous strive for grandiosity around World Showcase.  Each pavilion provides a layered history often documenting real structures related to the themed land. St. George Platz at the German pavilion is a favorite, there is always something new to discover here, regardless of how many times I visit. If you have an interest, its worth looking up more in depths look into the inspiration for the structures.  Plus, the pavilion "weenies" are amazing photo opportunities. 

   The over the top architecture wouldn't amount to much without layered smaller details.  There are random bits of whimsy filling all spaces of World Showcase. Take you're time to investigate each pavilion extensively.  Even the Italy pavilion (by far my least favorite...) is full of fantastic themed detail. I am personally obsessed with the Italian donkey cart. 

   Speaking of layered themed awesomeness.  You know it wouldn't be a proper lazy Disney Hipster Blog List without including a background music loop!  In fact, each pavilion has at least one music loop specific to the area. These are among the best music loops at Walt Disney World.  Our favorites are the China loop, Canada loop, and France loop.  (I really didn't think I would write "loop" so many times today...) 

   I love the random nooks and crannies around World Showcase.  Whether its the small museums (Morocco, Japan, Norway...) or the cozy bars (Weinkeller, Tutto Gusto...) these spaces add a sense of purpose to the pavilions.  Should you be particularly enamored with a certain pavilion these spaces give you a reason to extend your stay all the longer.

   Finally, the most random thing that makes me happy around World Showcase? Signs.  We wouldn't be able to navigate without them, right? (sheesh.) But I appreciate the vague attempt to theme EVERYTHING...even the most useless of labels. 

   I think it goes without saying that food and drink makes me most happy of all, which is why it isn't an official part of this lazy blog post.  I'm just trying to get hyped up for our upcoming trip by actually THINKING about why I like certain areas of Walt Disney World over others.  Thanks for coming along with me. 

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  1. I love getting "lost" in the alleyways of the Moroccan pavilion...

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