Monday, August 8, 2016

Canada's Northwest Mercantile

   A couple of years ago we looked at some cool details on one side of "the Canada store."  Today we look at the other side of that space...which has a much different feel to it. 

   Northwest Mercantile is on the upper level of the Canada pavilion around World Showcase at Epcot.  Unless you're going out of your way, you will pass right by and never notice this store.  The exterior is that of a rustic log cabin, complete with aged lanterns and tools. (why are the tools just hanging on the side of the building?) 

   The theme is carried throughout the interior as well.  The tools and lanterns are also joined by various wares that you might find in an old general store.  The aged wood and exposed beams give this store a very cozy feel.

   Merchandise wise, there isn't much to speak of here besides hoards of items labeled "Canada."  There are plenty of mugs, key chains, magnets, and a few Canadian food items as well.  

   If you're looking for a souvenir specifically from this pavilion, you wont have any problem with that...especially if you are in the market for plaid.  But with all the phenomenal stores around World Showcase this one could easily be passed up. 

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