Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fantasyland Train Station Restroom Signs

   *Sorry that we have been so quiet lately, besides enjoying the summer in general, my family was staying with us for the last few weeks.  Instead of focusing on superfluous blog "work" I decided to enjoy their company. You understand. 

   In our effort to document all the restroom signs at Walt Disney World, we often forget the more boring signage.  For every awesome La Hacienda sign  there is one completely boring sign.  We have generally ignored the totally boring ones.  While scrolling threw old photos I happened to come across a set of totally meh signs.

   These are from the Fantasyland train station, in the back corner of Storybook Circus. In any "real world" situation these would be absolutely lovely.  But our restroom signage standard is very high while visiting Walt Disney World. 

   Regardless, I think the colors are lovely.  The brass details, and rivets lends the idea that SOMEONE cared at least a little bit. 

   I do understand that not every bathroom sign can have some outrageous customized set of figures.  Sure, it could be done, but I think it would be too gimicky and get old really fast...and take away from what makes those signs special.  Of all the "boring sign" locations I think the Fantasyland train station is among the most appropriate. These type of signs are just not as much fun to document. 

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