Monday, July 18, 2016

Disneyland Tiki Lanai Photos...

   Yesterday was Disneyland's 61st birthday. As I was busy cutting hair all day, and was in fact NOT at Disneyland, all I could do was daydream.  Disneyland is my favorite theme park in the world (like, duh...obviously.) and Adventureland is my favorite land in that park. I know this is all pretty common knowledge, especially if you read this blog or listen to Disney Hipster Podcast.  And when pressed, I would say that the Enchanted Tiki Room lanai is my favorite spot in Adventureland.

   On our last trip to Disneyland, much to Adam's annoyance, I decided I needed my photo taken with each of the tikis that comprise the pre-show to the tiki room.  You see the little bit of lift in the corners of my mouth? Thats smiling. 

   A few years ago the Disney Parks Blog made a super charming video of the tikis and the awesome pre-show...but for some reason they appeared to have deleted it.  Here is a random video that I found on youtube... 

   Ok. I'm sad now.  Someone take me away to Disneyland immediately.  Have you ever REALLY thought about your ABSOLUTE WITHOUT QUESTION favorite place in a Disney park?  The answer might surprise you.  

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