Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Let's Visit The Maharajah Jungle Trek Bat House!

   It might be a weird place to make memories, but some of the most random funny things have happened to us in the bat house.  Something about this little area of the Maharajah Jungle Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom brings out guests opinions on everything.  Regardless of whether or not you've had bizarre experiences in the bat house, I'm sure you can appreciate it aesthetically.

   The theming here begins at the entrance of the structure.  These carved bats always remind me of the stanchions at the Haunted Mansion.

   I guess some people are a little squimish around bats, and henceforth a detour is provided. But do yourself the favor, go in and explore this cool space. 

   I also really love the Wilderness Explorers sign indicating the bat room activity is this way!  These signs are throughout the park and fit right in wherever they are. I think they're adorable. 

   These two signs are found in the entrance hall of the bat house.  They would fit right along side any of the best signage in Animal Kingdom. 

   Above your head in the entrance are these unassuming bats. I always assumed they were kites, but I'm not 100% sure about that.  Most people don't notice them hanging here, because they fall in the detour between the entrance and exit. 

   The education area of the house is often occupied by a Cast Member available to answer questions and quiz you on bat facts.  If there is no one there, you can still learn plenty about these amazing animals.

   The bat room is the one area of Maharajah that reminds me quite a bit of the Pangani Forrest Exploration Trail over in Harambe.   These props would fit right in.

   No they're not bats, but I always appreciated the addition of these critters in the bat house.  I think they're environment is lovely and adds some ambient light to the dim area. 

   I'm pretty sure I'm going to get these final two images as tattoos on the backs of my legs. They're beyond charming. 

   I know you're wondering why I am wrapping up this tour of the bat house without actually showing you pictures of the animals. HOWEVER, you might recall from a previous post that I swore NEVER to take bad pictures of animals again.  They never ever come out well.  I hope you enjoyed our little tour regardless.  There is so much going on, theming wise, in such a small area. Its worth spending some time here exploring on your next visit. 

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