Monday, June 20, 2016

Let's Explore Cocktails At Disney's Animal Kingdom...

   I'm not a sweet drinks kind of guy.  I drink beer, almost exclusively.  However, when I find myself in the sweltering heat of Florida, running around the parks, and being generally ridiculous...a nice freezing cold cocktail becomes very appealing. 
   Knowing that Disney's Animal Kingdom has slowly added some interesting drinks I thought booze exploration at this park was a must. 

   The recently opened Thirsty River Bar, near Expedition Everest, is a wonderful place to grab a drink.  No, there are no seats...which sucks pretty bad...but the location is very convenient when galavanting between Asia and Dinoland USA.  The beer selection here is small and pretty terrific for a theme park, but I think the cocktails are the real draw here. 
   The Himalayan Ghost is probably the most unique.  With a blend of Snow Leopard vodka, guava, and lemonade it is very well balanced and tart in a good way.  There is also the Khumba Icefall which is a frozen drink with rum, coconut, and raspberry.  This reminds me a lot of the ever present pina-colava...

   Over at my second home Harambe Market we find an interesting (and pretty!) cocktail.  Another frozen drink...and again made with Snow Leopard vodka...this is set apart by the addition of Bibo.  Yes, the same Bibo from Club Cool at Epcot.  Kiwi and mango round out this drink.  This thing is seriously refreshing.  I've seen folks down a couple of these with no problem.

   Just around the corner at the terrific Dawa Bar I had two drinks.  The sugar cane mojito has long been a favorite of Dawa Bar patrons, but I had never tried it.  This is definitely not my favorite.  In theory I should love it, a mojito plus a stick of sugarcane sounds awesome.  But the drink is made with some gross pre mixed mojito stuff and it just tastes like lime Kool-Aid. 
   There is also the infamous beermosa.  This drink is simply Tusker lager, orange juice, and pineapple juice.  Part of this drinks mystic is that it isnt always available...which might be a good thing.  The last thing you want to be doing on a hot day is drinking THICK PULPY BEER.  Not good. 

      Finally, while walking through Annandapur I stopped at Drinkwallah. I normally don't have much of a reason to stop here, so I was happy to visit in the name of research.  The cocktail here is the coconut-lychee lemonade.  The flavors are exactly what it sounds like.  The booze being coconut rum, this drink was a nice change, but definitely too sweet to have more than one. 

   I would like to point out, at the risk of soiling my pristine reputation, that these drinks were enjoyed on a couple different days.  Had I enjoyed them all on the same day I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it out of the park walking.  This report is just scratching the surface of interesting drinks at Disney's Animal make sure you take the time to explore this amazing park to find your new favorite.  Now, go enjoy the Summer. 

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