Monday, June 6, 2016

Jambo House Pool Area Restroom Signage

   Since the news that my beloved Norway restroom signs are now seemingly gone forever I've been thinking a lot about the importance of these well themed images.   And while no amount of mourning will bring them back, I can keep the legacy going through blog posts.
   I was stunned to realized that I had never featured the signs from the Jambo House pool area restrooms...aka "the office."  These are among my favorite restrooms at Walt Disney World, and the signage makes me very very happy.

   The restroom is located next to The Mara and features sculptural lion heads as part of the signs.  Just in case you didn't get the point, there are also "men" and "women" signs too.  

   When I first see these signs, usually just after buying our refillable mugs at The Mara and checking into the resort, I am overcome with joy.  I know they're just restroom signs but their appearance (along with the rest of the resort) means that I am on vacation, and vacation is a good thing.