Thursday, June 9, 2016

Favorite Things: Views From Tom Sawyer Island

   This morning I'm thinking a lot about the Magic Kingdom.  After a short solo trip to Hersheypark yesterday and appreciating that parks charms, I realized how unfair I can be towards Walt Disney World's first park.  Though Hersheypark is lovely, and full of detail it isn't fair to compare them. Specifically, Hershey fails to create the panoramic vistas that are so prominent at the Magic Kingdom. 
   One of my favorite activities on each trip to Florida includes an hour long visit to Tom Sawyer Island. We always explore the caves, the fort, and the barrel bridge of course. However, I'm there for one thing specifically: the views.

   I love sitting on one of the many docks around the island, just watching people enjoy their vacation.  I spend an awful lot of time in theme parks and at this point the thing that makes me happiest is watching others. It makes my heart sing to see folks smiling, and not taking such a cool thing for granted. 
   The area around Big Thunder Mountain is especially good for taking it all in.  Here you get the added auditory stimulus of happy screams from the nearby attraction. 

   Another favorite is the barrel bridge.  The feel here is completely different than the rest of the island.  The shakiness of the bridge and the Haunted Mansion looming beside you make this area a little more ominous for sure.  But the stable portion of the bridge is just perfect for taking a moment to take in your surroundings.  

   This is the kind of thing I needed to write about today.  Just a reminder that even my least favorite park is actually quite remarkable.  While I'll spend my summer enjoying Hersheypark, my heart will always be in the Disney theme parks.  And yes, that includes the Magic Kingdom with her beautiful views. 

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