Monday, May 9, 2016

Ten Photos From This Trip That Make Me Smile Really Hard

   Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: This was the best Walt Disney World vacation we've ever had.  It had a lot going for it.  A good friend of our spent the first three days with us, and showing her around the place we love added such a great new layer of excitement and appreciation.  We had a few new dining experiences as well...including both Ohana and Narcoossee's.  Plus we went on the fantastic Wild Africa Trek at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  To top it all off, besides one washed out rainy day, the weather was ABSURDLY BEAUTIFUL.
   We always try and "take it easy" on WDW vacations, considering how often we go. However we took it VERY seriously on this trip and spent a good amount of time relaxing by the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We were really able to take in the over the top beauty of our resort.
   I'm sure that most of you followed along with us over on I decided to share ten photos (that I didn't post on instagram) that will forever make me smile! These are the type of photos that will remind me of my wonderful vacation every time I see them.

Besides being tons of fun, our friend Brenda acted as impromptu photographer! I love this
because Adam and I rarely get our photo taken together. 

Watching "Aunty" flirt with my dad was the highlight of my life.  The food at Ohana
was very good...but the atmosphere was amazing.  Such a great time. 

Usually I spend quite a bit of time hanging out with the leaky tikis. This time Brenda
and my sister Jenna got in on the action too. 

You know you're doing "vacation right" if you find yourself
enjoying a beer sitting on the ground at Epcot. Thats the rosy glow of happiness. 

I'm pretty stone faced in photos generally...but the photo above caught me in a rare moment
of unadulterated happiness. I love how I'm on my tippy toes. I heart Chewie so much. 

Me and my dad playing dress up in Canada. Why cant the Canadian colors be 
grey and white? I'd wear this sweater so hard. you dont get to pump the cheese yourself...but liquid cheese is available
in a few places again! Including Restaurantosaurus, which is amazing because we havent
had a reason to go there in years! Toppings bar for the win! 

The weather during our eight day trip was absolutely perfect...except one day where it
rained from 5AM to 8PM.  And I mean RAAAAAINED. But guess what?  This was actually
my favorite day of the entire trip. We had so much fun.

OMG! Wild Africa Trek was so amaaaaaaaaaazing! 

Ok...not the best photo.  I KNOW that this isnt actually dangerous, but
I was legit scared crossing the crocodile bridge.  WHY ARE THERE SO

   Thanks again to everyone who followed along on our trip via social really does make our bad reportage worth it.  And an extra special thanks to everyone who went out of their way to say hello in the parks and grab the new #crewstewcrew guys are all so adorable. Seriously, our readers/listeners are an attractive bunch.  


  1. I would do some very desperate things to go on that Africa Trek!!!!!!!

  2. @Jess - you could just buy a ticket, you know.. :)

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