Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Rainy Day At WDW

   Everyone has expectations for their Disney vacations. Usually these tend to be optimistic expectations. Even the most dour of visitors hope for the best.  We will get to go on these attractions, and eat at these restaurants, and the weather will be nice, and there will be no problems cause we're on vacation and we're awesome.  Well friends, after a string of impossibly nice days at Walt Disney World we were in the position of dealing with an absolute wash out in the parks.
   We noticed the dark clouds on the weather forecast for that particular day weren't going away.  We collected ourselves and reset our expectations to accommodate the change.  And guess what?  We ended up having one of the best days of our vacation.

   To put this rainy day into perspective, we woke up to the sound of thunder at 6:30AM, and the deluge didn't let up until well past dinner time.  As we sat on our balcony at Animal Kingdom Lodge that morning we had some decisions to make.  Do we spend the day at our resort relaxing?   Knowing us we would be bored in just a few hours. Do we tour other resorts, staying indoors most of the time? This seemed like an obvious choice, but we had just done that the day before! Do we brave the parks, like, for real? Duh! We had a few loose ends to tie up at Disney's Hollywood Studios so we decided that was an obvious choice.  
   There is nothing I hate more than being in wet clothes. It feels so icky.  I knew that there would be no avoiding it on this super wet day, so we made the unheard of decision to venture into public wearing swim trunks and flip flops with changes of outer wear in hand.  

   I know dressing like this isn't optimal, but it really worked in our favor.  We saw many families walking into DHS wearing socks and tennis shoes, surely soaked within seconds.  There is absolutely NOTHING WORSE than wet socks in a theme park. 
   Hollywood Studios was absolutely dead.  We took the opportunity to meet up with Donald and Daisy before finishing up what we needed to do in this woeful place. (specifically, I needed to get my Starbucks DHS mug...) We decided to take a boat over to Epcot, as it seemed the most appropriate mode of transportation on such a gloomy day. 

   Entering the park through International Gateway always throws us off a little bit. We were specifically there to watch American Adventure, but walking in that direction feels off to me.  Regardless, being indoors for almost an hour was a good chance to dry off completely while enjoying one of our favorite attractions.  
   We continued to stroll around an empty World Showcase, sampling a few Flower and Garden specific items.  Finding yourself alone in World Showcase is always a treat, especially during a festival.  Even though we were were being rained on, it was actually a lot of fun. Plus is always a good thing in the rain. Trust me. 

   After our jaunt around World Showcase we visited Ellen's Energy Adventure, which allowed us to dry off completely again.  (long attractions is where its at on a rainy day...) Because the park was so desolate we visited Baymax whose line was the shortest we had ever seen it.  Maybe a rainy day isnt so bad after all? 

   We didn't let the weather alter our plans too much.  We insist on a midday break in which Adam naps and I swim.  Luckily the lack of lightning in the area dictated that the pool remain open and we didn't have to forego that sacred tradition. There is something super amazing about sitting in a jacuzzi at the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the pouring rain, with the eerie background music playing in the background. 
   As our dinner reservation at Skipper Canteen was getting closer and closer, we realized we had to go back out in the rain. This time we had to wear normal street clothes though, because I didn't want to be one of those people.  Ducking in and out of shops along the way, and taking refuge under the Sunshine Tree Terrace we were able to make it to dinner without being completely soaked. 

   Needless to say, we had a lovely meal at Skipper Canteen (read a review here) and BEHOLD! By the time we were done the rain had finally ceased! We were able to enjoy the Magic Kingdom sans wet clothes. 
   I know this was kind of a weird blog post, and isn't our usual type of thing.  I really felt the need to document this day.  Looking back it was clearly a highlight of the trip, and we both agree that the rain didn't actually ruin anything. It just changed it.  Next time the weather presents a problem to you vacation plans, take a deep breath, look at your schedule, and say Heck, we can TOTALLY do this!

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