Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fried Green Tomato Sandwich at Rosie's All American Cafe

   On a recent visit to Disney's Hollywood Studios, not wanting Tune In Lounge onion rings for dinner yet again, I convinced Adam to stop at Rosie's to try a "new to us" sandwich.  I was happy to visit this spot after a loooooong time avoiding it.

   Rosie's is just one option in the larger Sunset Ranch Market complex of restaurants.  This area makes up the better part of the left hand side of Sunset Boulevard, and accounts for most of the counter service options currently in the park. 

   There is loose Rosie The Riveter theme here...but given its proximity to everything else in the area it is lost.  Tons of war inspired toys, vintage signage, and old photos adorn the shelves and walls.  Even the condiment area has little toy soldier vignettes, which I'm obsessed with.  Now if only Disney would get name brand condiments back. :(

   I remember a time, not ten years ago, where our options across property as vegetarians were very very limited.  We found ourselves eating either veggie burgers or really bad pizza on a daily basis. Yes, the old Pizza Planet was a legit viable option, and no worse than anything else we had to force ourselves to eat. 
   Rosie's was one of our go-to counter services places, because GASP, they had a veggie cheese burger. Back in those days, a slice of cheese was enough to stand out against everyone else.  It was seriously dark times. 
      A few years ago, as WDW was seriously stepping up its counter service game, Rosie dropped the veggie burger with cheese and added the ubiquitous (and gross) black bean burger.  With more options around, we simply stopped visiting. 

   Out of curiosity, while planning this years spring trip, I was scrolling through menus online and noticed a welcome change at Rosie's.  Gone was the black bean burger (thank god) and in its place a fried green tomato sandwich.  I cannot pin point when this change happened, but I was happy to see it. 

   This sandwich is described as fried green tomato with jalapeno ranch, pepper jack and arugula on ciabatta bread.  I'm not sure if it was a mistake or not, but my order came with fresh uncooked red tomato as well...which was VERY welcome.  
   Let's get this straight, this isn't as good as the fried green tomato sandwich from Hungry Bear, but it is a very solid option.  The fried tomato wasnt greasy, and added enough heft to feel like I was eating dinner.  As always, I wish they used iceburg or romaine lettuce instead of arugula.  Don't get me wrong, I love arugula.  But in this instance, and most sandwiches, your not going to taste the greens at all. Id rather have something with a crunch to it. 
   Both the cheese and sauce gave the sandwich plenty of flavor.  My only big complaint would be that its on the drier side. Had the red tomato not been there it would have been too dry to eat without adding extra sauce.  This has more to do with the bread than anything else. WHY SO MUCH BREAD ALL THE TIME?!?!

   Minor complaints aside, I will definitely be ordering this sandwich again! Next time I'll see if they can substitute iceburg lettuce for the arugula and add extra sauce. It will be pretty close to perfect then.  
   I am overjoyed to have a reason to visit Rosie's after a long time of having no reason to.  And with the craft beer kiosk just steps away, this might just be the best way to spend your time at Hollywood Studios. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! We're going to Hollywood Studios (are they ever going to change the name!?) in September. We have lunch reservations at 50's Prime Time so I was looking at table service options for dinner and this sandwich looked interesting. I was mostly wondering if the picture on Disney's site was the sandwich because their picture also showed the sandwich with a slice of fresh red tomato! I am also going to take your advice and see about substituting iceberg and adding extra sauce!

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