Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cheese Fries and New Toppings Bar at Restaurantosaurus

   Oh dear readers! Today is a day to rejoice! For we, the Disney Hipster community, FINALLY have a reason to go back to Restaurantosaurus! This beloved Animal Kingdom quick service restaurant has been without a worthwhile veggie option for a few years now. (yes, we've tried the black bean burger...but don't like it at all.)  But huzzah! There is something new on the table...

   Restaurantosaurus is a massive quick service restaurant in the over the top and campy Dinoland USA portion of Disney's Animal Kingdom.   The theming here is extensive and ridiculous. I wont get into the convoluted and amazing backstory, because there are other blogs that do a much better job of that. (Jack Spence wrote a wonderful piece for

   This place gets packed very early at lunchtime.  If you don't want to wait in a line, get there shortly after opening.  The line moves fast and is very efficient.  If your familiar with Disney World counter service restaurants the ordering service will be no surprise. 

   Recently the restaurant went through a pretty big menu change.  Along with the change came a MAJOR upgrade to the already existing, but paltry, toppings bar.  There is the standard lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions. However you can now find many more substantial items like crumbled blue cheese, olive tapenade, veggie chili, arugula, and guacamole! These are some serious options...

   We ordered the chili cheese fries, which are new to the menu.  Being vegetarians we ordered the dish sans-chili. The chili on the menu has meat in it, but like I mentioned before you will now find a veggie chili in the toppings bar.  AND HUGE BONUS: the cheese is of the hot "pumped" variety that has been missing from WDW since last year. YAY!

   Between the awesome cheese fries, and toppings galore, you can make a pretty huge entree out of this.  I found that most of the toppings seem to go very well together except for the olive tapenade.  Its not that the tapenade is bad...but it is clearly meant more for the sandwiches.  The chili is VERY similar to that at Columbia Harbor House, minus the mushrooms.  Very very tasty!

   After whittling down the first half of my fries, I restocked my bounty with more lettuce, arugula, tomato, blue cheese, and ranch dressing.  I know it sounds basic, but this salad was so perfect. 

   I am beyond thrilled to have a reason to visit Restaurantosaurus again.  Its such a charming venue, with and equally charming music loop...but up until now there wasn't anything worth ordering.  Thank god things have changed with these badass cheese fries, and killer toppings bar!  I cant wait to get back here ASAP. 

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  1. Restaurantasaurus has become our AK equivalent of Backlot Cafe - the food isn't really unusual or interesting as such, but the atmosphere and theming mean that eating here is one of the defining ways for us to feel as if we are -in Animal Kingdom- and that is a feeling that can't be missed. I suspect that being prone to sprouting relationships with spaces like this is what separates people who have been to WDW from people who *go to WDW*

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