Monday, April 4, 2016

Photos From World Showcase: Morocco

   Alright...Its officially Spring, and I guess I skipped too many weeks during our Winter series, and whoops, we never got all the way around World Showcase.  You know I am dedicated to finishing the series, despite the fact that it isn't winter now it is a winter/spring series. Meh, whatever.
   I'm excited to bring to you MOROCCO...this pavilion has really grown on me a lot in the last few years.  Not only is there a terrific atmosphere here (and one of my FAVORITE veggie dishes.) but it is super photogenic.  Enjoy.

   Sorry again for this series taking longer than planned...but I'm happy to be nearing the end, finally.  Its worth it, considering some of the most photogenic pavilions are at the "end" of World Showcase. Before you know it Adam and I will be BACK AT WDW!!!! AGH!!!!

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  1. Morocco is my favorite pavilion. Of course, Mexico, having added a tequila bar, is a close second :)

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