Monday, April 18, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: France

   Another week, another step toward finishing our "winter" photo series.  Yes, I'm still making this happen one way or another despite the truly gorgeous weather in New Jersey.
   The France pavilion has been given new life in recent years.  Not only did the bakery move to much bigger/better digs, it also VASTLY IMPROVED its offerings.  Plus the ice cream shop that resides in the old space is basically the best thing ever.  There was a time when the France pavilion was near the bottom of my list, but certainly not anymore.
   Enjoy a few photos around the pavilion.

   Just two more pavilions to go before I can move on to another series.  I plan on finishing just as we're leaving for our WDW trip next week.  Thanks for following along, I'll see you in the UK pavilion. 

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