Monday, April 25, 2016

How Vegetarians Eat At A Disney Cruise Buffet

   Normally I would title a post like of this sort Vegetarian Review Of Cabanas...or something like that, but the fact is the main buffet on the Wonder is called something else, and I didnt want to bounce around between the two.  So, even though our review is really of Cabanas, were sticking with the title.
   Cabanas is the main buffet on the Fantasy...and is very very similar on both the Dream and Magic...and the food is basically the same.  This restaurant is open for buffet style breakfast and lunch, with table service dinner if you want to skip your main rotational dining reservation.  The space is huge, obviously, because Cabanas is very popular and the main option for breakfast and lunch.  There are other options for those meals, but the options here are far superior.

   The space is enormous, and besides that first embarkation lunch rush, you should have no problem finding a table here.  Almost every table has a great view of the ocean. There is also a lovely outsides space at the back of the ship, in fact this is our favorite place to enjoy our lunch.
   Inside there is a very light Finding Nemo theme...including our favorite mosaic fishes.

   The food here is far superior than you will find at any buffet style restaurant at Walt Disney World, especially for vegetarians. 

   Yes, you have a few similarities.  The mac and cheese, pizza, french fries, and steamed veggies are all there for those of you who nibble on the "kid food."  No judgment, there is never a trip to the buffet where I don't get kids mac and cheese. 

   But what other Disney buffet are you going to find breaded tofu with marinara!?! The tofu, pictured above, is legit amazing...and goes well with the beans and rice beside it.  The veggie "main dish" changes every day, and almost always has a dedicated veggie based protein.  Including fun options like veggie curry.  But the hot food options don't stop at the main dish...

   There is always a few veggie side dishes as well.  On this day there was veggie chili, pesto gnocchi, and shell pasta with marinara.  There are always fresh vegetable options as well.  I really load up on asparagus when we cruise...because its something I love but hardly ever make at home. 

   The fresh bread selection is always terrific! But beware, sometimes the focaccia de jour has bacon bits on it...

   I love when the build your own nacho station is out!!! Except the tortilla chips are basically the weirdest chips in the world...almost like pita chips. 

   I'm sure you already know this, based on our podcast or Twitter rants, but I'm obsessed with salad, and the salad station at Cabanas is the number one reason why I cruise.  I start off (and end...) every meal at Cabanas by loading up on salad.  You might think that this would get old after a seven night cruise, BUT THE TOPPINGS CHANGE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!  There is always creative fruit salad too...spicy pineapple salad...say what?!?!

   It wouldn't be a proper Disney buffet without a soup option.  Luckily for vegetarians there are two options per day, and one is always dedicated vegetarian. If you're paranoid about chicken stock, like we are, you will want to ask the nearest cast member to help coddle your fears.  I've had some really kick ass soup at Cabanas. 

   This is just a few of the items available on this particular day at Cabanas, there were several other things that are veggie friendly as well, including beautiful fresh fruit, sushi, and desserts.  But don't go into your cruise expecting the same thing every day.  In fact, Cabanas changes out the entire menu daily...which is a quite a feat.  Cabanas gets the Disney Hipster Veggie Seal Of Approval.  Lets eat. 


  1. We just got off our first Disney cruise, and, as vegetarians, had no problem with cabanas. Like you mentioned, one can always fall back on the pizza, fries, mac&cheese, etc, but they did offer several interesting options each lunch (including several with tofu, which was nice). I cannot complain.

    And to get 3 options most dinners was excellent. And the staff was very knowledgeable in the dining rooms and could even adapt several of the non-veggie dishes for us.

    But honestly, after many years of experience being a vegetarian at Disney, I was not too worried going in. I knew the Mouse would take care of us.

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