Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cove Cafe On The Disney Fantasy

   I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic for Disney Cruising this morning. Even though we cruised in January, and have cruises booked for October AND this coming January, I really want to go on one RIGHT NOW.  Meh. I guess I have to wait like a good boy.
   In the mean time I'm still sloooooowly going through our cruise photos and blogging accordingly.  Today we're headed to the adults only respite of Cove Cafe! Lets go...

   Cove Cafe is located on Deck 11 forward on both the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  When it comes to the Magic and Wonder it is located on deck 9.  On all four ships the cafe is found within the larger scope of the Quiet Cove pool area, which is entirely adults only.   
   Before heading into the cafe you will notice plenty of comfy chairs and tables directly outside, in case you cant to relax with the ocean, I prefer to relax inside. 

   Walls are lined with giant porthole style windows overlooking the Quiet Cove Pool area.  This area is generally a lot more relaxed than the rest of the ship.  However, on a hot day at sea even Quiet Cove is full of hustle and bustle.  

   The is ample seating along the windowed walls, all super comfy.  If you don't order at the bar a server will be happy to wait on you at a table...but don't worry about ordering if you just want to relax for a bit. Thats the beauty about being on a cruise, they really don't expect you to buy anything extra and you're free to enjoy the ship as you please.  (Note: the super comfy round chair you can see through the window...

      Cove Cafe is a great spot to sit and relax with a good book. In fact, there are plenty of books and magazines here for you to enjoy while on board the ship.  I tend to read up on deck 12, but I always see tons of bookworms in here. 

   The cafe is lined with dozens of black and white photos of Walt, showcasing the rich history and innovation of the company.  Its just another small detail that makes this space cozy and inviting. 

   I know what you're thinking, why on earth would you ever spend money on food/non-alcoholic drinks on a cruise?  Well, I tend to agree with you.  When food is already rolled into the price of your cruise its better to not spend even more money.  HOWEVER the big exception is Cove Cafe which provides specialty coffee drinks at a VERY reasonable price.  I stop here every afternoon, usually after sitting in the Rainforest, and get a double americano.  The quality is terrific compared to the other coffee on board.   

   While the drinks here cost a little extra, the food remains included in your cruise price.  The offerings here are the same as you will find at our beloved Vista Cafe.  Breakfast pastries in the morning, desserts in the afternoon, and cheese, crackers, and veggies in the evening.  Everything they offer is totally acceptable...but we love the evening offering. (I probably eat an entire gallon of ranch dressing with celery on each cruise...) 

   It should be noted (this is Disney Hipster Blog after all...) that the Cove Cafe also sells wine and cocktails as well, and yes, they have a legit bar to sit at.  While I've never actually sat at the bar with a drink, it seems like as good of a place as any.  The drinks on Disney Cruise Line are super affordable especially when compared to Walt Disney World.  
  Thanks for following along on our magical journey to Cove Cafe. This little excursion was just enough to curb my DCL longing, and I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming of our cruise in October. In the mean time, make me feel better about life by tweeting your cruise photos to us...I love to live vicariously through peoples trips. 

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  1. Espresso is cheaper on board than at Starbucks ashore, go figger.

  2. I never got any drinks there but did grab a few desserts last time. My boyfriend was shocked that they were free lol. Although I didn't know they had cheese and crackers at night! would have loved to go during that time.

  3. We're going on our fourth Disney cruise this weekend, and I've never been to Cove Cafe!! I didn't know the food was included in the cruise price. I'm going there this time for sure, with a book. :) Thanks!

  4. We were just on the Fantasy a few weeks ago and I can't stop daydreaming about the cold brew that they offered. It was made right there by the barista and is an overnight process in a three-tiered cold brew coffee tower. Any chance you have the intel as to what coffee brand they use for this?

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