Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Animal Kingdom Lodge Panoramas

   With our annual Walt Disney World trip coming up, and the promise of a full week at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I'm pretty excited about life.  The pre-trip ritual is in full swing. Watch a different WDW tie-in movie every night before bed.  No listening to WDW background music for at least two weeks before the trip. Obsessively reading WDW restaurant menus...and maybe the most natural ritual of all.  Going through old photos and getting excited in general.
   As I was sifting though a few Animal Kingdom Lodge albums, I noticed quite a few panorama photos.  Though this will break us away from the normal square ratio photos that we find so aesthetically pleasing, it's totally worth it to share with you guys...yes, I know they're small...but if you click on it they'll probably be bigger. I dong know how blogs work.

 The Arusha Rock firepit...

Inside The Mara. 

From the bridge at the Kidani Village pool.

The view from my absolutely favorite room at Jambo House.

Kidani entrance.

Over exposed Jambo lobby, facing the savanna.

View of the savanna from Arusha Rock Overlook.

Jambo House favorite place in the world. 

Lower level of Jambo, heading out to the overlook.

Jambo House lobby facing the entrance. I miss the old dark floor and awesome furniture. 

Facing Jambo from the overlook. I'm obsessed with the plants out here.

Another lower level panorama. 

Kidani's overlook is equally charming.

Kidani Village lobby. So perfect. 

   Thanks for letting me share these, as I could never find an opportunity to do so!  Now I miss Animal Kingdom Lodge even more than when I started writing this post.  Just a short time from now I'll be walking through the Jambo House automatic doors, with a wave of nostalgia, breaking down in tears.  
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