Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Five Things I'm Looking Forward To At Walt Disney World...

   Our annual May trip is quickly approaching, and I've been obsessively getting ready.  I've already packed. I have my hair/nail appointments set.  The house is (relatively) clean.  Everything seems to be going smoothly.  Problem is, between working extra hours at work to accommodate clients, and getting ready for the trip...I realized I've had no time to actually THINK ABOUT THE TRIP and how excited I am!
   Unlike our last long trip to WDW back in October, there really isn't a ton of new things to experience.  So what am I looking forward to?

   Sure, Rivers Of Light was supposed to have debuted already, and we would have loved to see that within the first few weeks of it opening.  However, I'll find a little comfort in seeing this area sans construction.  This is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Walt Disney World, and I haven't seen its full glory in a few years.  It's the little things that count.

   There is basically nothing new around World Showcase worth noting...but our good friend Brenda is tagging along for the first half of this trip. She is always a ridiculously good time, and I cant wait to drink around the world with her.  Sometimes experiencing something your used to with someone who isn't familiar can really change the  whole experience.

   After skipping both the Flower & Garden Festival and Food & Wine Festival last year we're excited to catch F&G this year.  It's the less crowded of the two festivals, and there are some dishes that we really RAZORBERRIES AND BEER. 

   We also have a few dining reservations at restaurants we've never been before!  Both O'hana and Narcoossees finally made the cut in our quest to eat at every WDW restaurant.  We're really looking forward to both to see how their veggie options stand up against some of our favorites.  Don't let us down now! 

   Finally...I'm looking forward to indulging my habitual nature.  You guys know that I have a million routines, including required food/drinks/photo spots...and I feel like its been a long time since I've actually accomplished them all.  

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Monday, April 25, 2016

How Vegetarians Eat At A Disney Cruise Buffet

   Normally I would title a post like of this sort Vegetarian Review Of Cabanas...or something like that, but the fact is the main buffet on the Wonder is called something else, and I didnt want to bounce around between the two.  So, even though our review is really of Cabanas, were sticking with the title.
   Cabanas is the main buffet on the Fantasy...and is very very similar on both the Dream and Magic...and the food is basically the same.  This restaurant is open for buffet style breakfast and lunch, with table service dinner if you want to skip your main rotational dining reservation.  The space is huge, obviously, because Cabanas is very popular and the main option for breakfast and lunch.  There are other options for those meals, but the options here are far superior.

   The space is enormous, and besides that first embarkation lunch rush, you should have no problem finding a table here.  Almost every table has a great view of the ocean. There is also a lovely outsides space at the back of the ship, in fact this is our favorite place to enjoy our lunch.
   Inside there is a very light Finding Nemo theme...including our favorite mosaic fishes.

   The food here is far superior than you will find at any buffet style restaurant at Walt Disney World, especially for vegetarians. 

   Yes, you have a few similarities.  The mac and cheese, pizza, french fries, and steamed veggies are all there for those of you who nibble on the "kid food."  No judgment, there is never a trip to the buffet where I don't get kids mac and cheese. 

   But what other Disney buffet are you going to find breaded tofu with marinara!?! The tofu, pictured above, is legit amazing...and goes well with the beans and rice beside it.  The veggie "main dish" changes every day, and almost always has a dedicated veggie based protein.  Including fun options like veggie curry.  But the hot food options don't stop at the main dish...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Animal Kingdom Lodge Panoramas

   With our annual Walt Disney World trip coming up, and the promise of a full week at Animal Kingdom Lodge, I'm pretty excited about life.  The pre-trip ritual is in full swing. Watch a different WDW tie-in movie every night before bed.  No listening to WDW background music for at least two weeks before the trip. Obsessively reading WDW restaurant menus...and maybe the most natural ritual of all.  Going through old photos and getting excited in general.
   As I was sifting though a few Animal Kingdom Lodge albums, I noticed quite a few panorama photos.  Though this will break us away from the normal square ratio photos that we find so aesthetically pleasing, it's totally worth it to share with you guys...yes, I know they're small...but if you click on it they'll probably be bigger. I dong know how blogs work.

 The Arusha Rock firepit...

Inside The Mara. 

From the bridge at the Kidani Village pool.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: France

   Another week, another step toward finishing our "winter" photo series.  Yes, I'm still making this happen one way or another despite the truly gorgeous weather in New Jersey.
   The France pavilion has been given new life in recent years.  Not only did the bakery move to much bigger/better digs, it also VASTLY IMPROVED its offerings.  Plus the ice cream shop that resides in the old space is basically the best thing ever.  There was a time when the France pavilion was near the bottom of my list, but certainly not anymore.
   Enjoy a few photos around the pavilion.

   Just two more pavilions to go before I can move on to another series.  I plan on finishing just as we're leaving for our WDW trip next week.  Thanks for following along, I'll see you in the UK pavilion. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cove Cafe On The Disney Fantasy

   I'm feeling incredibly nostalgic for Disney Cruising this morning. Even though we cruised in January, and have cruises booked for October AND this coming January, I really want to go on one RIGHT NOW.  Meh. I guess I have to wait like a good boy.
   In the mean time I'm still sloooooowly going through our cruise photos and blogging accordingly.  Today we're headed to the adults only respite of Cove Cafe! Lets go...

   Cove Cafe is located on Deck 11 forward on both the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  When it comes to the Magic and Wonder it is located on deck 9.  On all four ships the cafe is found within the larger scope of the Quiet Cove pool area, which is entirely adults only.   
   Before heading into the cafe you will notice plenty of comfy chairs and tables directly outside, in case you cant to relax with the ocean, I prefer to relax inside. 

   Walls are lined with giant porthole style windows overlooking the Quiet Cove Pool area.  This area is generally a lot more relaxed than the rest of the ship.  However, on a hot day at sea even Quiet Cove is full of hustle and bustle.  

   The is ample seating along the windowed walls, all super comfy.  If you don't order at the bar a server will be happy to wait on you at a table...but don't worry about ordering if you just want to relax for a bit. Thats the beauty about being on a cruise, they really don't expect you to buy anything extra and you're free to enjoy the ship as you please.  (Note: the super comfy round chair you can see through the window...

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Last Photos: 2012-13

   Last week, while scouring our Disney photos, we compiled the last photos from each of our various trips to the Magic Kingdom/Disneyland.  NOT each visit to those parks, but the actual last photo we took in them before leaving for home.  I was really surprised, in both good and bad ways, at the results! I mean, the Colombia Harbor House trash can?!?! Random and awesome.
   We have already covered 2014-15, and today we're going to continue this journey, delving into years prior.

   Wow! What a great memory!  We were never the type to go out of our way to see Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It! But on our final day at WDW in October 2013 we went to the Magic Kingdom specifically to see our friend Kelsey perform!  No, she was NOT Mickey Mouse...but this is the last picture I took that day. Love. 

   Our last visit to the Magic Kingdom, on our  May of 2013 trip, must have been at night.  The last thing I snapped before leaving was this shot of the upper portion of Cinderella's well.  I really love the contrast in this picture. 

   The last picture I snapped from December of 2012 is super random...a construction shot of the "Tangled Toilets."  Remember when that was the biggest construction project at WDW!?! 

   In October of 2012 we spent our last day at WDW doing things we had never done before.  On our list was meeting Merida in the Magic Kingdom.  This is still the only time we've met, despite the fact that we love her so much. 

   On our first trip to Disneyland in May 2012 we made sure to visit the Haunted Mansion one last time before heading off to the airport.  Adam is sad here.

   Thanks for following along on this magical journey through our Disney photo albums!  I'm learning so much about the way we think when it comes to photos! There will be one more installment of this, going into some VERY old photos in which I have brown hair.  So you have that disgustingness to look forward to.  

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Last Photos: 2014 - 2015

   I'm still trying to figure out a lot of stuff in Google Photos. Sure, there are the terrific animated gifs...and I generally like the new setup. However I'm still organizing, going through old photos, and dumping a lot of useless stuff that I cant use here on the blog.  In doing this I've been seeing photos I haven't seen in years and it's tons of fun!  This got me thinking, as I scroll to the end of each album, I wonder what the last thing I took a picture of as I left The Magic Kingdom was? Some of the answers surprised me honestly.
   So here, in reverse chronological order, is the last picture taken in The Magic Kingdom (or Disneyland...) on each of our more recent trips, before sadly going back home to New Jersey.

   This picture is from the last day of our most recent trip in February.  A lighthouse sandwich is a priority to me, regardless of how short a trip is. And even though I don't often feature trash cans on this blog, I thought this can deserved a photo.  Anyway, see what I mean? Its so random that THIS would be the very last thing I take a picture of at The Magic Kingdom before heading home. 

   Our final morning in a looooong awesome trip this past September.  We were rope dropping the Magic Kingdom and bumped into our friends Scott and Will.  We had to take a quick picture for Disney Hipster Jamie. 

   This one actually surprised me most of all.  After the most epic Disneyland trip of all time, this past May, a picture of the Alice dark ride exterior foliage is what closed out the album of photos.  Especially considering the exciting morning featuring the debut of the Hatbox Ghost, this seems so random.  No last selfie on Main Street or anything!!!

   From our TEN HOURS AT WDW OF INSANITY, January 2015.  We only spent a couple hours at the Magic Kingdom, so this hardly qualifies...other than to say: What was I doing with my life? I hate these trees. I hate Tomorrowland. Maybe thats why I took a picture, to dwell on my hatred. 

   Picture it: October 2014, I'm wearing shades to hide my tears as we're leaving The Magic Kingdom after another amazing out of momentary insanity I decide to take a castle selfie, even though I don't really like Cinderella Castle.  A boy will do anything to stay in his favorite place a little longer. PS: This is my favorite tee shirt of all time, and I'm actually wearing it right now as I type. 

   This picture from May 2014 is very weird, because its at night.  I know for a fact that we went to the Magic Kingdom the next morning just before leaving WDW, but I must not have taken any pictures that morning.  Funny thing is, I KNOW I'M NOT GOING TO GET A GOOD PICTURE FROM THE TTA...but I always try. 

   Do you remember how obsessed I was with these tiki tumblers?!?! This was when they first came out in January 2014...just as we got off of our first Disney Cruise.  We spent a short three days at WDW and stayed at Wilderness Lodge, a very fun little trip.  The tumbler was definitely "last photo worthy." 

   So that is "the last photo" from every Magic Kingdom/Disneyland album in 2015 and 2014.  The selection surprised me quite a bit. You would think each trip would go out with a proverbial bang, but I'm usually too photoed out at that point to care.  Next week I'll continue with 2013 and 2012. 

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Photos From World Showcase: Morocco

   Alright...Its officially Spring, and I guess I skipped too many weeks during our Winter series, and whoops, we never got all the way around World Showcase.  You know I am dedicated to finishing the series, despite the fact that it isn't winter now it is a winter/spring series. Meh, whatever.
   I'm excited to bring to you MOROCCO...this pavilion has really grown on me a lot in the last few years.  Not only is there a terrific atmosphere here (and one of my FAVORITE veggie dishes.) but it is super photogenic.  Enjoy.

   Sorry again for this series taking longer than planned...but I'm happy to be nearing the end, finally.  Its worth it, considering some of the most photogenic pavilions are at the "end" of World Showcase. Before you know it Adam and I will be BACK AT WDW!!!! AGH!!!!

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