Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Top Ten Disney Animated Gifs...Made By Google Photos

   We store all of our Disney photos on Picasa...damn near 100,000 photos all together.  So when Google announced that Picasa will be discontinued, my heart sank.  I knew that the photos were already moved to Google Photos, and that I would be able to continue using that site as normal.  But still, I'm a creature of habit and I was used to the way Picasa works.
   ANYWAY...turns out that Google Photos is pretty amazing.   Among other nifty features (like the CRAZY face recognition)  the site turns series of photos into animated GIF files.  This is such a fun and different way to see your Disney vacation.
   Here are ten of my favorite GIFS that were automatically compiled for us by Google.

Meeting Mr. Incredible and Frozone at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
It doesn't get any better that this...look at my lame attempt at kicking. :)

The anamatronic chickens on Tom Sawyer's Island.
I know this one barely moves...but I'm super obsessed with it. 

Autumn Trolley show dancers.  
I took maybe 5,000 photos of this one performance, so yeah. 

Woman using up all her snack credits at the end of her family trip.
If you don't get why this is funny, then there is no point in explaining. Pure gold. 

Meditation during Dream Along With Mickey. 
Our friend and photopass genius Kim Taylor took these. Love her.

Pocahontas at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
There is SO MUCH going on here. Where are my glasses?!?

Disney Hipster Podcast photoshoot on Main Street USA.
Presented without comment. 

Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob.
This one screams Frontierland to me. I love these guys.

Teacups during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
These were my favorite costumes we ever put together. :)

Kidani Village photoshoot.
This is a tradition for us on each trip...same spot, year after year. 

   Despite the fact that I hate change, and the idea of making me learn new things makes me want to die, I do love this part of Google Photos.  I'm excited to see what fun GIFS it produces for us in the future. 

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  1. WHOA. this is the first I'm hearing of no more picasa. I'm upset!! I guess I'll have to check out google photos. I'll admit the gif thing IS cool! But I'm not a fan of storing my photos on a cloud.

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