Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Record Store Day Exclusive Mickey Mouse Cruiser

   Record Store Day is an annual event celebrating independent record stores and the culture surrounding these increasingly rare bastions of hipster life.  This year Record Store Day falls on April 16th, with this comes a slew of records exclusively available at participating stores.  While these records tend to be the star of the show, there are other exclusive releases as well.  These include this awesome Mickey Mouse Cruiser from Crosley. 

   The vintage theming of the record player is carried out throughout the packaging...I love the 70's print on top. 

   The turntable itself is classic white and red, with vintage style brass hardware.  1970's style Mickey Mouse is found lounging on the top, listening to piles of records.  I wonder what Mickey is listening to?  My bet is on Robyn. 

   Glad to see that the Record Store Day exclusive branding is carried onto the turntable itself, and not just on the packaging.  And check out that racing stripe! 

   Inside Mickey is less happy.  Pluto has decided to play speaker, using his tail as the needle ala Lilo and Stitch. 

   I'm so excited to include this record player in our future baby's nursery.  One of my favorite memories is playing Disney story records growing up (yes, I was born in the early eighties for those wondering...) and I cant wait to share that!  Make sure to visit the Record Store Day website to find a participating store, and support independent retailers.