Thursday, March 10, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: Japan

   Whoops. I accidentally skipped The American Adventure.  Oh well, you know the rules! Once you skip a country there is ABSOLUTELY NO TURNING BACK...especially if the pavilion is particularly unphotogenic.  On to what is probably the prettiest and most ornate pavilion, Japan.

   The obvious focal point is probably always going to be the torii gate...based solely on its prominent location on the water.  Dont get me wrong, this shrine is very pretty, and I rarely pass by without taking a picture.  However, the pavilion offers a lot in the photo department. 

   I love relaxing in the gardens around the Katsura Grill. Despite how busy the promenade is the garden is usually very quiet...perfect place to enjoy your frozen Kirin  any other beer. 

   With the beautiful weather we've been having in the North East it feels weird to continue our Winter photo series, but whatever.  For those following along I DO plan on finishing our stroll around World Showcase.  

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