Friday, March 4, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: Italy

   I've had some very strong opinions about the Italy pavilion in the past. Truth be told, it is still my least favorite of the pavilions.  HOWEVER I made an honest attempt in the last few years to find things about it that I like.

   One of the best aspects of the pavilion is how photogenic it is.  There are opportunities big and small throughout this concrete mess.

   The best photos here will always be on small details.  Leaving the big picture out of your photos will help appreciate the charming details of the pavilion.  Plus, some of this stuff is downright weird. 

   One thing I really love about the Italy pavilion (besides my beloved Donkey cart...) is the way the area is landscaped.  I cant believe I left out the amazing water fountain when I wrote about the POTTED PLANT EXTRAVAGANZA of the Italy pavilion!  Has it always been like this?  We're almost halfway through our trip around World Showcase! See you next week...

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