Monday, March 7, 2016

Champagne Brunch At Remy

   The money that you initially spend on a Disney Cruise is pretty high, obviously.  This base covers a lot of ground though...besides your cabin it also covers plenty of food and entertainment.  Among the up charges that are NOT included are the two adults only restaurants.  We have had a blah brunch at Palo...which was countered by an excellent dinner there, and a phenomenal dinner at Remy. 
   After that eventful evening at Remy last year we knew that we had to make reservations for Remy's famous champagne brunch.

   This brunch offering is a little different than we were used to. After checking in at the restaurants podium you're asked to wait in Meridian, the fabulous lounge located between Palo and Remy.  After a short wait your party, along with a few others, are lead into the restaurant together.  Here you will enjoy (while standing) a glass of champagne and amuse bouche while the various chefs and sommelier explain the meal...including some restaurant details.  Since Adam doesn't drink, I did the honors for both of us. (poor me!) 

   The veggie amuse bouche is a finely chopped raw ratatouille.  This dish is so simple and perfect.  Just salted enough, with a bright fresh fruity olive oil.  It was a lovely way to start the meal, and fun to hear about the champagne we would enjoy during the meal. 

   Speaking of champagne.  Though this is a champagne brunch keep in mind that besides the first complimentary glass the rest of the pairing is an additional charge.  I am not a wine drinker, but I did opt for the champagne pairing...for um, research reasons.  But because I'm not a wine drinker I will neglect to review the selection.  BUT I will say that each pairing was delicious, and yes I was pretty buzzed that morning. 

   At this point you're lead to your own tables, breaking away from the initial group.  Remy's decor is fine.  It's a very pretty restaurant, but just isn't my style.  I wont complain though, as almost every table has a panoramic view of the ocean. 

   A delicious soft brioche is brought out right away, with salted butter.  Disney really loves salted butter. 

      Our first proper course was tomatoes. Yum. Tomatoes.  But guess what?  These were so mind blowingly fresh...and subtly accented with pesto and onion, atop a crispy biscuit base, you can really appreciate the simple nature of the dish.  

   Our salad course was ok.  Nothing special, honestly.  The dish is pretty much the same as the one we had at Remy for dinner, minus a quail egg. (thank god.)  It did have some lovely components, and was just a s light and fresh as you would expect.  It did have edible flowers on it, and no matter how many times I eat flowers I'm never NOT amused by the novelty of it. 

   Our next course we little droplets of heaven sent down from god specifically to reward me for being such a good boy.  These mushroom gnocchi were light as a feather, creamy, and perfectly seasoned. They were absolutely delicious. 

   The main course was a potato cannelloni with micro vegetables.  The only way I can describe this aesthetically beautiful dish is as a fancy mashed potato log with tiny adorable veggies.  I mean, there was a radish the size of my pinkie fingernail.  It was amazing and adorable at the same time. 

   Dessert was pure heaven.  Praline cream puffs with praline gelato. Let that sink in for a second.  This goes in the history books as one of my favorite moments of my life.  Pure yum. 

   Following in the same tradition of Victoria & Alberts, just when you think its done...nah.  These beautiful pastries were brought out along with our coffee.  I would like to say that we saved them for later in the day, but nope.  We DEMOLISHED them in a few short seconds.  

   After this experience we couldn't recommend the champagne brunch at Remy more.  It was the perfect blend of atmosphere, booze, and a very slow relaxed pace that we have come to expect from this type of restaurant.  Even if you don't opt for the champagne, do yourself the favor and book this on your next Disney cruise. 

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