Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How To Make Harambe Market's Famous Veggie Stack...

   Hey, remember Harambe Week here on Disney Hipster Blog? Yeah...I looooooove the Harambe section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  As it turns out, this themed land is pretty ripe to blog about, and I was just getting started.  In a moment of pure Disney longing, I decided to recreate one of my favorite new veggie dishes in recent years, the grilled vegetable stack.  Lucky for you I decided to film the process and share my recipe.  Enjoy.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Top Places To Sit On A Disney Cruise...

   Between galavanting around the beautiful Disney ships...and eating, and can be surprisingly hard to find time to relax.  In an effort to ease your Disney Cruise planning we did all the hard stuff for you, and "researched" where the best places are to just sit and relax.

   Depending on what style cabin you have, the giant in room porthole with bench might not be an option for you.  In fact, a very limited number of cabins has this feature.  BUT WE LOVE IT.  The window seat is just big enough to curl up on and watch the ocean go by.  This is especially nice with room service breakfast.  
   In the atrium of both the Disney Fantasy and Dream there are two cushy thrones. Yes, legit thrones.  The back drop to these thrones are lovely Cinderella murals, but the real reason to sit here is the view.  This location offers a prime viewing location for people watching inside the ship.  Plus, you basically get to sit like royalty. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Top Ten Disney Animated Gifs...Made By Google Photos

   We store all of our Disney photos on Picasa...damn near 100,000 photos all together.  So when Google announced that Picasa will be discontinued, my heart sank.  I knew that the photos were already moved to Google Photos, and that I would be able to continue using that site as normal.  But still, I'm a creature of habit and I was used to the way Picasa works.
   ANYWAY...turns out that Google Photos is pretty amazing.   Among other nifty features (like the CRAZY face recognition)  the site turns series of photos into animated GIF files.  This is such a fun and different way to see your Disney vacation.
   Here are ten of my favorite GIFS that were automatically compiled for us by Google.

Meeting Mr. Incredible and Frozone at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
It doesn't get any better that this...look at my lame attempt at kicking. :)

The anamatronic chickens on Tom Sawyer's Island.
I know this one barely moves...but I'm super obsessed with it. 

Autumn Trolley show dancers.  
I took maybe 5,000 photos of this one performance, so yeah. 

Woman using up all her snack credits at the end of her family trip.
If you don't get why this is funny, then there is no point in explaining. Pure gold. 

Meditation during Dream Along With Mickey. 
Our friend and photopass genius Kim Taylor took these. Love her.

Pocahontas at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
There is SO MUCH going on here. Where are my glasses?!?

Disney Hipster Podcast photoshoot on Main Street USA.
Presented without comment. 

Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob.
This one screams Frontierland to me. I love these guys.

Teacups during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
These were my favorite costumes we ever put together. :)

Kidani Village photoshoot.
This is a tradition for us on each trip...same spot, year after year. 

   Despite the fact that I hate change, and the idea of making me learn new things makes me want to die, I do love this part of Google Photos.  I'm excited to see what fun GIFS it produces for us in the future. 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Record Store Day Exclusive Mickey Mouse Cruiser

   Record Store Day is an annual event celebrating independent record stores and the culture surrounding these increasingly rare bastions of hipster life.  This year Record Store Day falls on April 16th, with this comes a slew of records exclusively available at participating stores.  While these records tend to be the star of the show, there are other exclusive releases as well.  These include this awesome Mickey Mouse Cruiser from Crosley. 

   The vintage theming of the record player is carried out throughout the packaging...I love the 70's print on top. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

How To Smile, With Belle!

   Belle is a lovely princess...but after a long day of working Enchanted Tales With Belle her smile starts to look a little crazed.  I'm sure it is a technique to get the best photos for guests, but when you see it over and over again it comes off a little nuts.  We love you Belle, don't ever change.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: Japan

   Whoops. I accidentally skipped The American Adventure.  Oh well, you know the rules! Once you skip a country there is ABSOLUTELY NO TURNING BACK...especially if the pavilion is particularly unphotogenic.  On to what is probably the prettiest and most ornate pavilion, Japan.

   The obvious focal point is probably always going to be the torii gate...based solely on its prominent location on the water.  Dont get me wrong, this shrine is very pretty, and I rarely pass by without taking a picture.  However, the pavilion offers a lot in the photo department. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Champagne Brunch At Remy

   The money that you initially spend on a Disney Cruise is pretty high, obviously.  This base covers a lot of ground though...besides your cabin it also covers plenty of food and entertainment.  Among the up charges that are NOT included are the two adults only restaurants.  We have had a blah brunch at Palo...which was countered by an excellent dinner there, and a phenomenal dinner at Remy. 
   After that eventful evening at Remy last year we knew that we had to make reservations for Remy's famous champagne brunch.

   This brunch offering is a little different than we were used to. After checking in at the restaurants podium you're asked to wait in Meridian, the fabulous lounge located between Palo and Remy.  After a short wait your party, along with a few others, are lead into the restaurant together.  Here you will enjoy (while standing) a glass of champagne and amuse bouche while the various chefs and sommelier explain the meal...including some restaurant details.  Since Adam doesn't drink, I did the honors for both of us. (poor me!) 

   The veggie amuse bouche is a finely chopped raw ratatouille.  This dish is so simple and perfect.  Just salted enough, with a bright fresh fruity olive oil.  It was a lovely way to start the meal, and fun to hear about the champagne we would enjoy during the meal. 

   Speaking of champagne.  Though this is a champagne brunch keep in mind that besides the first complimentary glass the rest of the pairing is an additional charge.  I am not a wine drinker, but I did opt for the champagne pairing...for um, research reasons.  But because I'm not a wine drinker I will neglect to review the selection.  BUT I will say that each pairing was delicious, and yes I was pretty buzzed that morning. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: Italy

   I've had some very strong opinions about the Italy pavilion in the past. Truth be told, it is still my least favorite of the pavilions.  HOWEVER I made an honest attempt in the last few years to find things about it that I like.

   One of the best aspects of the pavilion is how photogenic it is.  There are opportunities big and small throughout this concrete mess.

   The best photos here will always be on small details.  Leaving the big picture out of your photos will help appreciate the charming details of the pavilion.  Plus, some of this stuff is downright weird. 

   One thing I really love about the Italy pavilion (besides my beloved Donkey cart...) is the way the area is landscaped.  I cant believe I left out the amazing water fountain when I wrote about the POTTED PLANT EXTRAVAGANZA of the Italy pavilion!  Has it always been like this?  We're almost halfway through our trip around World Showcase! See you next week...

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Restocking Beer In Cozumel On Our Cruise

   New rules concerning how much alcohol you are allowed to bring on the Disney Cruise Line were put into place late last year...just a few months before our most recent cruise.  Gone are the days of carry-on luggage filled to the brim with beer.   However, the new rules do allow passengers to re-stock their booze hoard at each port of call. (note:start band called Booze Hoard.)

   We had a pretty meh time in Cozumel...and since I don't really plan on sharing our activities their, I figured this was a good time to share a few photos.