Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Ninth Wonder Of The World

   Leaky Tikis of Adventureland... The love I have for you is strong.  For a blog that covers the vast majority of Walt Disney World (and Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line...) we find ourselves in Adventureland an awful lot.  More specifically, we find ourselves in general aww of the leaky tikis.
   It is a rare occasion when I can resist the urge to have my picture taken with these grumpy Polynesians. At the very least I need to have a quick photo session, even in passing.  On our most resent (very short) trip to Walt Disney World, while waiting for Skipper Canteen to open, I sauntered the short distance to the tikis and snapped a few pictures.  However, instead of taking a picture with them, or "portaits" of the tikis as I often do, I decided to focus on the ninth wonder of the world...the backside of tikis.

   I resent the above picture so much...actually, I resent the woman in black for ruining an otherwise personless photo.  As you can see below it was actually a very busy Saturday at the Magic Kingdom, and the odds were pretty low.  :/

   The funny thing is that these photos actually came out of necessity.  As I was trying to take some close up pictures of the tikis, and taking my sweet time, several families came up to take their own pictures.  Being the VERY COURTEOUS tourist that I am, I simply got out of their way, using my tiki friends as a shield.  Not wanting my photo session to end, I kept going.  

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