Monday, February 29, 2016

Skipper Canteen Restroom Signage

   It has been far too long since we featured some restroom signage here on Disney Hipster Blog. You guys know we love this stuff, so I'm very happy to be featuring a newcomer in the landscape of Walt Disney World potty signs!

   Skipper Canteen opened just a few months ago, and like most restaurants has its very own restroom! Fancy that!?!  The facility is located toward the back of the dining areas, in the S.E.A. Room.

   The Society Of Explorers and Adventurers crest is featured on the door signage.  This society is very dedicated to theming their toilets.  

   These are certainly not my favorite restroom signs at Disney World...or even the Magic Kingdom. However, its nice to see that in an area where corners could have potentially been cut, there was ample thought put into it.  Now go enjoy your day S.E.A members!

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