Friday, February 12, 2016

Photos Around World Showcase: African Outpost

   Despite wanting to post photos exclusively from our most recent cruise/wdw trip we're going to continue our winter series.  As our photo trip around Epcot's World Showcase continues we find ourself in the African Outpost.  

   I know what you're thinking.  The african outpost is a waste of space/not worth even visiting in photos. And a year ago I would have agreed with you.  But I have recently become enamored with the Frozen Elephant...a concoction of frozen coca cola, and Amarula cream liquor.  This thing is awesome and worth stopping by the outpost. 

   The "pavilion" also has plenty of fun props to take photos with.  If you're like me, you have an on hand photographer to take care of you...despite them constantly protesting. 

   You may also remember that I'm a pretty big fan of Village Traders, the tiny shop at the outpost.  This place has great theming, and is often times the dumping ground for discounted merchandise.

   Hope you are enjoying our sloooooow trip around World Showcase.  It is definitely helping me get through the colder days of winter in the north east.  We will pick back up next week in lovely Germany!

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