Thursday, February 4, 2016

Finding Nemo Mosaics In Cabanas On The Disney Fantasy

   The very first (real) blog post after a vacation is always the hardest to instigate.  Out of all of the 1,500 photos and videos which beg to be posted first?!?! What seems the most important of all?!?  Well friends, the answer was given shortly after snapping the below photo. 

   Getting Adam to pose for a photo is like pulling when he VOLUNTEERED to pose next to the Cabanas mosaic, I knew he was on to something.  I think he felt compelled by the flat-fish guy...they do have a striking resemblance 

   Cabannas, the buffet on The Disney Fantasy, has a vague Finding Nemo theme to it.  This includes a rather impressive mosaic on either side, near the elevators.  This terrific piece of craftsmanship includes all of your favorite characters, and delivers a bright punch of color to the utilitarian space.  Mind you that this is all you need, considering your view is a near panorama of the ocean. Yeah, its pretty awesome. 

   We will have a VERY long overdue full review of Cabanas in the coming weeks...including an extensive look at the veggie options on any given day.  We did enjoy dining here for lunch nearly every day on our cruise, and couldn't recommend it enough.  We're seriously looking forward to visiting again! 

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  1. So I was reading one of those Disney list today, 'People who ruin Disney World for Everybody Else" and Hipsters showed up and guess what picture was there. You two in front of the Castle at Disneyland in your sweaters.

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