Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's Explore Zuri's Sweets Shop

   It has been a few months now since Harambe Week here on Disney Hipster Blog...and this makes me very sad.  What a fun week that was, and let me relive all the fun I had in Harambe this past year. One part of Harambe got very little attention here, and its a shame because Zuri's Sweets Shop is actually one of my favorite new additions.

   Prior to its opening this past spring Zuri's was the most perplexing to me.  We knew that it was connected to Mombasa Marketplace but it wasn't clear how, or in what capacity.  Turns out it was as simple as expanding the building a little bit, and blowing out a back wall.  Hence, you can enter the shop via "old Harambe" or Harambe Market. 

   The interior space is pretty small, but because of the open wall connecting Mombasa it never feels claustrophobic.  If Disney does ANYTHING right with shopping, its crowd flow.  If you're familiar with Animal Kingdom, or Harambe specifically, the decor will not surprise you.  The shop is relatively dim, with plenty of earth tones, and warm wood accents.  There isn't too much in the way of theming, and when there is theming its in the "stuff on shelves" model, which I am fine with.  When sweets are your main attraction, I don't need heavy theming. 

   Zuri's Sweets Shop obviously specializes in candy and other confectionaries.  A row of "help yourself" bulk items lines a wall, complete with candy, various nuts, and dried fruit.  

   But there are some surprises to be found here as well!  There is a great selection of themed coffee blends, spices, and popcorn! The curry popcorn is a favorite, and a nice change of pace from standard popcorn flavors...and kicks the "gourmet Epcot popcorn's" ass.  This section is full of items that make great gifts to bring back home with you...especially the spices which are themed, travel well, and are practical to most folks.

   Perhaps the best feature of Zuri's is the confectionery counter.  Disney started implementing these beyond Main Street exhaustively a few years ago, with good reason.  The freshly made goodies are very popular.  No, Zuri no longer carries the animal poop snacks, but has a nice variety of unique goodies.  

   On this visit we ordered a haystack.  This little nugget of goodness is made up of peanut butter, and salty potato sticks...and other stuff.  Just trust us on this one...its delicious. 

   I am so glad that this store is apart of Harambe.  It feels like its been there forever, and I can't really imagine the area without it.  Such a small place has had a big impact on one of my favorite places in the world, and I'm excited to see its offerings evolve as it finds its stride among the other more established confectioneries.  RIP animal poop snacks. 

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