Monday, January 4, 2016

Dancing Roger and Pongo Key Frames By Milt Kahl...

   As tradition dictates I received several awesome Disney art/history books for Christmas this year. One of my favorites is the Animation volume of the Archive Series...thus completing the collection of this beautiful series.

   Where the other books have focused on story, layout & background, and design, this volume focuses on the actual animation process.  It covers some of the earliest Disney animation through modern day.  The emphasis here is on the key frames, usually drawn by the more established artists who we're more familiar with. 
   To celebrate here are a few key frames from a jovial moment from the 1961 animated classic 101 Dalmations.  Roger and Pongo were animated by Disney Legend and one of Walt's nine old men, Milt Kahl. 

   I've really loved getting to know this series of books over the last few years.  Though its seem to come to a logical conclusion, I'd be more than thrilled if other volumes were introduced.  They've always been a fun, easy way to brush up on animation history, and appreciate the unfinished work in progress.  

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