Thursday, December 10, 2015

Zawadi Marketplace at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

   I knew for a fact that at some point we had overviewed Johari Treasures at the Kidani Village side of Disney's Animal Kingdom.  (way back in 2012 actually...when there was still a Nespresso machine.) And I was ALMOST certain we had also taken a look at Zawadi Marketplace on the Jambo House side.  However, I apparently made that up in my head, because no such overview exists on this blog. Sad face, because I really love this store.  Well, lets not waste any more time...

   Zawadi Marketplace is your only proper store at Jambo House...and you will want to make a point of stopping by.  The space is very large compared to other similar resort stores.  Where The Polynesian and Grand Floridian have multiple smaller stores, Zawadi packs them into one massive shopping experience.
   The decor is appropriately themed in earth tones.  Plenty of browns and yellows here. The real artifacts from the lobby couldn't be implemented here, but the designers did a good job of carrying the theme inside regardless.  There are a few fake african masks flanking the cash registers, and a faux balcony complete with sunset.  The lights aren't as inspired as others found throughout the resort, but are pretty decent considering their humble position.

   Obviously you will find all of you branded Animal Kingdom Lodge merchandise here.  Recently we have seen not only a shift in direction with the Lodge's merch, but also a general expansion.  We have never been AKL merch people, but we're very excited to see whats on the horizon.
   At Zawadi you will also find plenty to gift items, souvenirs, kids clothing, and plush animals.  Consider this Animal Kingdom Lodge's version of the Emporium...if you want it, they probably have it. 

   I am always fascinated by the food staples they carry at Disney resorts.  Who is buying dried spaghetti and jarred sauce on vacation?  I'm honestly curious!  If you cook on vacation please write to us on Twitter...

   This store also carries a selection of grab-and-go treats and beverages.  You can also pick up mixers, wine, and beer in both singles and six packs.  If you're looking for a "value" the six packs of beer tend to be $ opposed to $6.50 per beer.  I know that is ridiculous, but if you're in a pickle and don't want to leave property to procure beer this might be your best bet. 

   Its a shame I don't have more pictures of the store, because it is truly a lovely charming place.  I love spending time in here every trip, trying to figure out whats new with the wares. Next time you're at Animal Kingdom Lodge, stop by for a quick look around!

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