Friday, December 18, 2015

Photos Around World Showcase: Mexico

   On the very last day, during the last few hours of our most recent trip to Walt Disney World I was snapping a lot of pictures in Epcot.  More specifically, we were taking our time walking around World Showcase...and I was using photos as an excuse.  You see, I'll do anything to stay in the park a few extra minutes on that last day.
   These last day photos around World Showcase inspired a twelve week long photo series.  This is very similar to our shake to randomize series, except I can shake the camera until I find a combination that I liked opposed to sticking with whatever filters I landed on.  If you aren't familiar with Shake To Randomize, you can click here to read about it. 
   Also unlike that last trip around World Showcase, this series will be in the order they appear around the lagoon, from Mexico to Canada.   So lets get started with some photos from the Mexico pavilion.

Do not climb. 

Side of La Hacienda

Obligatory Fiesta Hoy could I not? 

   I'm glad we got Mexico out of the way, honestly.  This filter is pretty obnoxious with all the light leaks.  Under normal circumstances I would never use these photos, so I'm glad they found a home somewhere, but you have to be careful while actually documenting something important, because these would otherwise be garbage. 

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