Monday, December 28, 2015

A Tribute To Mickey's Death Wheel

   I'd like to take a moment and talk about Mickey's Fun  Death Wheel.  This enormous ferris wheel at Disney California Adventure is one of the most frightening attractions at any Disney park...and yet, its basically perfect.

   I can't imagine the open vistas of Paradise Pier  without pie eyed Mickey looming over me.  The wheel grounds the entire area, adds movement, and even more visual stimuli to an already bustling area. 

   I have only actually taken a spin on the death wheel twice. But one of my favorite activities is sitting outside the exit of the attraction, drinking a Karl Strauss beer, and observing the nauseous riders as they disembark.  Pure enjoyment.

   While the park, including the wheel, struggled to find an identity this attraction became an icon. It became something to look forward to. Even if you had no intention of riding, the first sight of the ferris wheel indicates a fun day/night/trip ahead of you.

   Thank you Mickey's Fun Death Wheel I truly look forward to seeing you...from a distance...but not riding you in the future.  Thanks for adorning my DCA Starbucks mug, and being an anchor in one of my favorite parks. 

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