Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Look Back At Disney Hipster Blog 2015

   It has been another crazy exciting year at Disney Hipster Headquarters.  When we started 2015 we were still living in our old condo in Montclair...with NO IDEA that we would sell it and move on to greener pastures.  And while that move did impact blog output for a while, we hope it wasn't too bad, and I think we still stayed somewhat consistent considering our situation.
   This year was the first year where Disney Hipster Podcast was on a monthly schedule, reduced from its former weekly schedule.  This has been a great thing for podcasters and friends.  The show is a lot more fun now than it was a year ago...and since we make no money off of said show, we only record when its convenient and fun.  Those are the rules. :)
   We took three Disney vacations this year...kicking the year off on a seven night cruise on the Disney Fantasy (followed by ten hours at Disney World), a nine night visit to the Disneyland Resort in May, and finally an epic ten nights at Walt Disney World in September.   These were among my favorite vacations ever, and I can't wait for our next trip at the end of January.
   As for the future of this blog?  There are big changes coming in our personal lives that will inevitably change the consistency, but as far as I'm concerned I will follow the above rule: as long as the blog is still FUN and CONVENIENT I will continue writing.
   Now, lets look back at some of my favorite blog posts from the past year, in chronological order.

   - Just a few days into the new year was probably my favorite day of all time...saying goodbye to the sorcerers hat at Hollywood Studios.

   - One of my favorite things about writing this blog is that it is essentially a scrapbook of my Disney vacations.  I get to remember special moments at the tying up loose ends at Epcot. 

   - We got back from our cruise in early February, and I wrote the traditional quick trip re-cap.

   - We also detailed HOW WE SPENT OUR TEN HOURS AT DISNEY WORLD.  I really thought this would be a good idea...but no. Just no. 

   - I didn't make a lot of videos this year. Sorry guys! But I found time to compile the above video showcasing a fun day on Castaway Cay. 

   - Lunch at Crystal Palace? YES PLEASE! Turns out that this place is way better than everyone made it out to be. 

   - During our trip to Disneyland we met some fun new characters at Disney California Adventure!  What an amazing trip this was. 

   - And of course we had to review our absolute favorite...Rancho Del Zocalo.  So good. 

   - Early summer brought about the unfortunate exile of liquid cheese from The Magic Kingdom.  Such a sad sad day this was. 


   - Great atmosphere...meh food.  This is my general review of Carnation Cafe at Disneyland.

   - Contrarily wise, I am still mad about Animal Kingdom at dusk. Too pretty.  

   - This year Duffy bit the dust at Epcot.  Still mourning this loss honestly. 

   - We took the time to explore one of my favorite areas in Disney California Adventure, as we took a look around Pacific Wharf. 

   - During our September trip to Walt Disney World I made a valiant effort to document random foods that I ate...I think I did pretty good job of that. 

   - October brought my FAVORITE WEEK OF ALL TIME...HARAMBE WEEK! I even wrote a song for the occasion. 

   - In one of my favorite posts of all time, I explore all my bad/random photos that I take at WDW...

   Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis.  It is seriously one of my favorite projects, and it makes it even more awesome knowing that I have such a big support group.  I love you guys.  Happy New Year! Lets make it amazing...