Monday, November 9, 2015

Underrated Awesome: Petes Silly Sideshow

   Welcome to another edition of Underrated Awesome in which we look at various things around Walt Disney World that are totally amazing, but for some reason don't get all the love they deserve.
   Today we're traversing to the back of the Magic Kingdom to visit Pete's Silly Sideshow.   This meet and greet areas opened up as part of the massive New Fantasyland expansion in 2012. (wow! It opened three years ago!?!?!)  And while the area is a terrific success and brings much needed space and amenities to the park, Pete's doesn't demand the lines that it really should.

   The facade of Pete's is an enhanced version of what it was in the old Toontown area which Storybook Circus took over as part of the expansion.   The circus tent makes a lot more sense in the new area, and doesn't look half as thrown together as it did  under the old theme.  True to the name of the attraction Pete's visage greets you outside of the attraction in the form of a two dimensional barker urging you to come inside.  Here you find Pete again,  as you walk through his gaping mouth.  
   The interior is dim, muted, and absolutely perfect.  You will choose to either go left, where you will visit Donald and Goofy, or right, where you can meet Daisy and Minnie.  The girls tend to demand the longer wait times for whatever reason. However, we have never waited more than a few minutes on either side.   

   True to the theme of Storybook Circus and the promise of a sideshow, the classic characters are all done up in elaborate and amazing costumes.  Each characters staging area is themed impeccably to the coinciding costume, complete with effects and props.   
   On the "girls side" you will find Madame Daisy Fortuna, a fortune teller complete with crystal ball, and Minnie Magnifique who trains poodles.  Across the circus tent is the Great Goofini, a motorcycle stunt driver, and the Astounding Donaldo a bumbling hypnotist.  

   On hand will be a photopass photographer to snap you picture at each character.  Remember that these photographs cost money. HOWEVER the photographer will be more than happy to take photos using your phone/camera.  Be courteous to other guests and have you camera ready for the photographer to minimize time/confusion.   With that said, we have NEVER felt rushed at this location.  We are always given ample time to interact with the characters despite the fact that we're two adults. (yes, that is something that happens occasionally.) 

   Petes Silly Sideshow adds so much to Storybook Circus, and The Magic Kingdom in general.  Its a great place to get out of the heat for a few minutes, and we always leave with a huge smile.  The theme of the attraction, plus the new costumes/roles for the characters lends a lot of fun to the interactions and act as a jumping off point for the "conversation."  Aesthetically Pete's couldn't be more on point.  Next time you find yourself in this corner of the Magic Kingdom make sure you visit!


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