Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Quickie: Sunset At The Magic Kingdom

   This is just a collection of photos documenting a very pretty low light situation in The Magic Kingdom...or better yet, a short walk.  Sometimes the soft Florida dusk inspires me to pull out the old iPhone and be rather annoying to those I'm with. Whatever.  I want this moment in the bank. 
   This particular evening was this past September.  The day was unbearably hot, so the sun going down was carrying a little more weight than usual, and held the promise of a lovely evening full of adventure.

   There is literally nothing prettier in the entire world than Big Thunder Mountain in the evening.  Something about the already muted tones of the area just works, and I am addicted to taking photos here, even if I already have a similar setup. 

    Equally pretty are the Rivers Of America.  There so many times where I'm stuck, transfixed by this waterway, just happy to be at Disney World.  The boardwalk along the river is my favorite place in Frontierland, and I insist on taking that route when venturing to Liberty Square.

   As we were ending our short walk from Big Thunder Mountain to wherever the hell we were going I specifically remember thinking how pretty Cinderella Castle was behind you KNOW I WAS DRUNK OFF OF THE SUNSET.  Yes, I'll admit that the castle can be pretty in certain situations...just not most. 

   I know this was a random silly post, but this group of photos from our last trip really caught my eye as I scrolled through my disastrous Magic Kingdom folder.   So YAY I found another use for this crazy melange!  Have a terrific weekend.

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